Samsung PN64E8000 Review

64" 3D Plasma TV with Smart TV and Smart Interaction


Samsung E8000 Plasma TV
  • Great Cinema Style Picture Quality
  • Color rendition and balance is absolutely beautiful
  • Wifi and Web Browser work easily
  • Samsung Smart TV options are solid with lots of Apps
  • Appearance is classy, handsome (1.9” depth)
  • Motion is smooth and even
  • Bluetooth enabled TV and remote can be a plus


  • Dimmer picture (lower peak brightness) may not be best for bright rooms
  • Some of the extra features such as the touchpad remote and Smart Interaction controls add questionable extra value (but they dont really take away value either).
  • More energy consumption than competing LED TVs.


  • Most of the Smart Interaction features, voice control, gesture control, facial recognition
  • The quadrapod table top stand

Picture Quality Rating: 9.1/10

The PN64E8000 retains the strong picture performance of prior Samsung plasma models and I would put it back in the area of 2010 when we gave the previous C8000 series a top score. Our complaint from 2011 was a dimmer/darker picture caused by a drop in power usage. This is somewhat addressed in the E8000 series though not completely. This top tier model features the new All Black Pure Filter which is new technology for 2012 that increases black levels by 10% over 2011 models. This TV is still best used in darker/controlled light environments and contrast levels cannot keep up with many of the new LED TVs due to peak white output on them.

Color Accuracy and Rendition

Samsung E8000 Series Plasma TV
A shot of Labron James with the Heat in the NBA Playoffs shows great HD clarity

Color rendition has always been a strong point for Samsung plasma televisions and the E8000 exemplifies this attribute in spades. This TV is very easy to calibrate to D6500. Colors are extremely realistic with none of the over saturated look you see in many modern LCD and LED televisions. In all of our recent Samsung plasma reviews we have commented on how much we liked the color performance and we continue to be impressed.

Black Level, Contrast

The Real Black Pro Panel in this Plasma TV combines structural advancements to go even further into black levels making software improvements and "tightening" the ribbons between the RGB pixel cells. This gives the TV a better surface area for color over last years models which were already great in the color and black level categories. Plasma TVs will continue to rule in black levels for 2012.

3D Viewing

Samsung E8000 Series Plasma TV
A 2D shot of the 3D movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs shows how vibrant and colorful the E8000 is.

After putting on Samsung's new, lighter weight 3D glasses we tested the performance of the 2012 models with 3D content. Colors remained bright and will Full HD 3D there was plenty of detail in every scene. The depth of the picture is impressive as well with images sinking into and popping off the screen. There is also less (to zero) flicker with the Samsung Glasses than we have experienced with the Panasonic Plasma TVs this year. This TV is a top performer with 3D if not the best. 2 pairs of active 3D glasses are included with the 64E8000GF.

Features Rating: 9/10


The 2012 Samsung plasmas retain mostly the same look as previous models except that instead of a 1" titanium color bezel the PN64E8000 has a matte black bezel that looks quite distinguished. Samsung is calling it Titan Black. There is a thin transparent crystal border as well and the entire screen depth is little more than 1 inch in depth on the sides and 1.9” overall - which is also quite slim for a plasma and rivals LED televisions. The same chrome stand that we dubbed “the quadrapod” comes with the TV. Some may not care for it, but at least it's not boring. Overall, this TV does not have the flashy looks of the newest LED TVs with no bezel, but is instead a more classy affair.

Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

In 2012, Samsung is expanding its Smart TV line, offering plentiful features and multitasking capabilities—all from the family TV. Families can reconnect in today's busy world by leaving notes and memos to one another through their Samsung phone, TV, or computer. When the family is gathered together, they can enjoy not only movies but also picture albums displayed in a vivid slide show on the TV screen.

Samsung is bringing Smart TV to its plasma TV line with models like the PN64E8000. Not only does the Samsung Smart TV allow users to keep up with the latest movies and TV shows, but it also helps families track their fitness activities and weight loss programs. Through a mobile Fitness app, users can connect the TV to their Samsung smartphone and view their weekly weight loss through the TV's built-in camera. A Wi-Fi-supported, virtual scale helps them kept track of their fitness goals and boosts self-confidence. With so many options to enhance everyday life, Samsung Smart TVs will quickly become an all-purpose tool for users' various needs. HBO GO is also a new enhancement to the programming.

Fortunately, for speeds sake, Samsung has gone to cloud usage for much of their Smart TV, Smart Hub TV options.

Smart Interaction

New for 2012 on the E8000 is Smart Interaction, this new features centers around a small front-facing camera built into the top of the bezel. The camera is tied to face/hand/voice recognition that can configure certain option on the TV expressly by where the viewer is detected. It's a bling feature that delivers some excitement, but that we did not have time to get proficient with while testing the TV. It slowed us down too much to try to use the feature. The camera also allows for motion control of some TV functions and works with Skype for video calls and conferencing.

Dual Core Processor

The PN64E8000 also features a dual core processor that allows for multitasking on your TV. Split the screen and watch TV on one part while you surf the web on the full web browser included in the Smart TV suite.

QWERTY Remote Disappointment

The cool QWERTY remote from last years D8000 model was dropped in favor of a touch pad remote control that does little in my opinion to help with speed of programming – even on the built in web browser. The QWERTY remote makes using the TV's web browser and search functionality far easier than using the 5 way controller or numbers on a normal remote. The new touchpad remote is Blutooth enabled if your going to be walking around or dont want to have to point the remote at the TV.

Samsung's new Touch Pad Bluetooth voice recognition remote comes with the E8000 series but is of little extra value at this point, but kudos for trying something new Samsung.

Built In Web Browser and Wifi

The built in web browser works very well, and is easy to use on the Samsung E8000 series. If you will be using the built in web browser extensively, you might entertain the idea of going ahead and purchasing the optional $99 full wireless QWERTY keyboard.

Value Rating: 8.9/10

This will depend more upon price when you are shopping than what we write here as the prices on this model seem to be fluctuating more than most. There is a $600 instant rebate (for one month) from some retailers (listed below) even though the initial price does not show it. So with that discount the price comes down to around $2390 from $2990 or so and this TV is a great deal. Remember, that is has a very full feature set and probably the best 3D viewing out there. If you love a cinematic picture this may be your choice. Right now, the closest competitor from Panasonic is the 65” 65VT50 which costs around $3600 at the moment, making the 64E8000 a great buy. The 60” LGPM9700 top of the line runs around $2000. 2 pair 3D glasses included.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Quick Specs

  • 1080p Full HD
  • 3D Active Compatibility
  • Smart Hub/Smart TV
  • Full Web Browser and built in Wifi


With stand:58.5"Wide x 38.8"High x 13.8" Deep

Without stand:58.5"Wide x 34.8"High x 1.9" Deep

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