Samsung PN63C8000 Review - 3D Capable 1080p Plasma TV


Model: Samsung PN63C8000
Description: Full HD 1080p 63" Plasma TV 3D TV Compatible
Includes Table Top Stand. Does not include 3D glasses.
Date: Late Summer/Fall 2010

Samsung PN63C8000 Review
This shot from the HD Blu Ray version of Alexander shows crisp edges and detail and accurate yet not over saturated color.

I've been reviewing flat screen TVs and specifically plasma TVs since year 2000 when they first entered the market. Back then 95% were used in the commercial display market for board rooms and computer display needs, some were for stores.

I expected great things from the top of the line Samsung plasma C8000 series and what did I get? In a word, satisfaction.

The PN63C8000 represents the top of the line for Samsung's 2010 plasma lineup and includes some fantastic upgrade features including 3D compatibility, sleek sophisticated aesthetics, a superb new remote control, a thorough Internet Suite, and excellent picture quality.

Samsung PN63C8000 Review
This and the top of page shot from the 3D Blu Ray of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs show deep color and contrast from the animated 3D movie. The shots were taken through only one lense of the 3D glasses and so do not show the full 3D effect.

3D TV Viewing: The C8000 and accompanying 3D glasses did a good job of pulling me further into the on screen images. It makes you feel more involved. I thought the picture presentation from the C8000 in 3D was very vibrant and accurate. I did not note out of focus areas near the edges of the screen as I did with the Panasonic VT25. There was some flashing effects from the 3D shutter glasses in situations where lamp light or window light interfered with the glasses receiver (often when turning your head).

3D TV Glasses: We liked the optional Samsung 3D glasses for two reasons. First, they look natural like a large pair of sunglasses with their burgundy frames and they are rechargeable.

Samsung PN63C8000 Review

Black Level/Contrast: Blacks appear saturated from the black/purple plasma screen panel. The black bars top and bottom during movies appear inky black. Contrast measured a respectable 1724:1. Details in dark areas of the picture were clearly visible.

Samsung PN63C8000 Review
The rechargeable Samsung 3D shutter glasses are charged through the USB out on the TV or a computer. This pair costs $199. They do not come included with the TV.

Design and Appearance: The Samsung PN50C8000 by contrast is a beautiful TV with less than a 2" framing bezel and with many design elements including a clear neck on the chrome swiveling table top stand, a matte dark charcoal metallic finish on the bezel frame, sleek 1.4" depth, and a dark black/purple screen. The heavy and attractive accompanying stand swivels to 20 degrees. Samsung calls the bezel a Touch of Color Titanium.

Samsung PN63C8000 Review

Remote Control/Menu Funtionality: The included remote control is superb with a heavy expensive feel, matte metal chrome finish (no fingerprints), sleek thin design and great layout. Every button also lights up for a second upon depression. The menu system presents itself as an colorful overlay with a convenient tutorial feature appearing in the bottom of the screen. Menu options are very complete.

Samsung PN63C8000 Review

At around $3300 this 63" 3D compatible plasma is likely to make a huge impact on a room. I would buy it with or without the 3D compatibility just for the looks and picture quality (and Internet options).

Competition comes from the Panasonic TC-P65VT25 and a host of LED TVs with 3D capability but in different size such as the Samsung UN65C8000.

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