Samsung PN60E6500 Review

60" 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV


  • Great film-like cinema picture quality
  • Useful Features Included (Wifi, Web Browser)
  • Color Accuracy, from Wide Color Enhancer Technology
  • Black levels from Real Black Pro panel
  • Value/Price


  • Picture, a little dim compared to some other TVs (we used contrast at 100%)
  • Never have liked the quadrapod stand much
  • Sound Quality not upgraded but not bad
  • 3 HDMI inputs as opposed to 4 last year
Samsung PN60E6500 Plasma TV

Picture Quality: 8.8/10

We love the picture quality on the PN60E6500 plasma. Colors are rich and beautiful and detail is good enough without suffering any strange edge enhancement effects. You get most of the top picture quality characteristics and features on this TV including the All Black Filter that is on the two top tier Samsung Plasma Panels. The only feature not in this panel is the more louvered screen filter which adds some anti reflection technology. The side viewing angles which are perfect. The picture brightness is somewhat dim (by design) so best for low light rooms. That is one of the only drawbacks of the picture. The price is also excellent and value runs deep in this model.

Black Level and Contrast

The PN60E6500 has Samsung's Real Black Pro Panel is new technology for 2012 available exclusively in Samsung's top tier plasma televisions. The Panel improves the contrast and black levels over previous models by 10%. The increased black levels do not hamper shadow detail and you can see every fold in a dark shirt or all the detail in a dark scene.


The All Black Pure Filter's primary purpose is to increase black level and contrast but this has an effect on the color performance of the E6500 as well. Placing color next to a stronger black makes the color "pop" more and the stronger black levels improve overall color rendition. We've always felt that realistic color was a strong point with Samsung's plasma televisions and the E6500 is no exception.

Samsung E6500 Series Plasma TV
A shot of Julia Roberts from the Blu-Ray of Mirror Mirror shows a dimmer but accurate picture on the Samsung PN60E6500

3D Viewing

Put on Samsung's improved and lighter weight 3D glasses (2 pair come included) and images jump off the screen or sink back into it, the full HD active 3D delivers 1080p images to each eye with stunning clarity and detail. There is no internal flicker inside the 3D glasses like there once was – thus no distractions. The 60E6500's 3D performance is improved over the previous year models with less cross talk an none of the blurry corners in the screen.

Features Rating: 8.7/10

As mentioned above the Smart Interaction and touch pad remote control are not included with the E6500. So what I say. Those features really do not add that much value if you ask me. The touch pad remote is a little hard to use, and the Interaction features are a little gimmicky.

Built in Wifi and Web Browser

The Wifi and Web Browser that are built in the E6500 are a true value and something you will use often and seamlessly that gives you the true flexibility of the entire Internet on the E6500.


The PN60E6500 has a 1" wide brushed metal, matte charcoal black bezel that is very nice looking and a little thinner than last year. We liked it last year and it's slightly better this year. However, there is a big improvement in the depth in the 51E6500 which surprised us with its super slim 1.5” in depth – a feature normally reserved for top models.

Internet Options and Connectivity

Samsung Smart TV
Samsung's Internet Apps Games section includes more options than other manufacturers. Whether or not these games appeal to you is another matter. Texas Holdem is the most popular. Sodoku is next.

The Smart TV feature has been expanded for 2012, the E6500 has access to the app store which has grown to over 1500 apps. There are apps ranging from social media to streaming video and even games you can play on your TV. Stream video from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu, Vudu and more. Stay updated on the latest news, financial numbers, sports scores and the weather and new for 2012 on mid tier models: surf the web on the inlcluded full web browser.

The E6500 has built in WiFi so there is no need to run extra cable to get your plasma television on your home network.

  • Samsung Apps: Samsung was the first to offer an HDTV app store similar to the ones you find on today's smartphones. There is plenty of free content like YouTube, Pandora, streaming media and social media content and there is also premium content that varies in price but is for the most part cheap.
  • Web Browser: Smart Hub equipped televisions come with a full web browser. Surf the internet without getting up from the sofa and getting your laptop.
  • Your Video: Based on what content you watch this area of the Smart Hub will suggest content you may enjoy based on your viewing habits.
  • Search All: Search your TV, any DLNA connected devices and even networked PCs all at the same time. Quickly find the content you are looking for

Value Rating: 9/10

The PN60E6500 delivers on value. A 60” TV with a picture and features that perform excellent. Do not let the bright LED TVs on the showroom floor fool you. If you have a darker room environment, this TV delivers a great picture without some of the features (Smart Interaction) that add so much to the cost of the TV while still getting 3D and the full Smart TV suite and built in Web Browser and Wifi. It's a value set that many will miss due to not knowing how superb these picture qualities are. LG's new plasma offerings in the same size are less (LG 60PM6700). Panasonic's TC-P60ST50 is exactly the same price and feature sets. The price for this plasma is around $1899.

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Quick Specs

  • 1080p Full HD
  • 3D Compatibility
  • Smart Hub
  • Full Web Browser
  • 3 HDMI Connections
  • 2 USB Connections
  • Includes 2 Pairs of 3D Glasses


TV without stand: 54.9"W x 32.8"H x 2.2"D
TV with stand: 54.9"W x 36.3"H x 13.8"D

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