Samsung PN58C6500 Review

Model: Samsung PN58C6500
Description: Full HD 1080p 58" Plasma HDTV
Reviewer: Jack Burden
Date: Summer 2010

Samsung PN58C6500 Review
This shot from the Blu Ray of Alexander shows the very solid 2247:1 post calibration contrast ratio and good brightness.

First we start off with an aesthetically stunning TV model in the C6500. At 1.8" depth and subtle Touch of Color looks this model looks high end through and through. It adds the Samsung Internet Applications and a few other features while forgoing the expensive 3D ready option. It falls right in the center of Samsung's plasma TV offerings for 2010/2011. While HD programming looked incredible we found a few deficiencies with standard definition programming.

Samsung PN58C6500 Review
The picture appeared a bit soft and fuzzy with standard definition sources and there was some graininess and judder effects when panning side to side. With HD programming, images were deep, clear, with great color and contrast as from this scene from the Blu Ray version of Alexander

Samsung PN58C6500 Review
A shot from standard definition DVD of Fight Club shows how much more glare and softness there can be in contrast and edges.

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The C6500 series plasma adds the much improved Samsung Internet Applications which have a variety of choices such as Netflix, YouTube, Blockbuster, Pandora, and Yahoo! Widgets. You will likely find some of these more useful than others, but overall the list and functionality is improved. We still dont quite get why someone would want to have the Yahoo! Widget displaying the weather or stock quotes while watching other programming, but to each his own. The LAN connection may also be used for networking to various devices. There is a dedicated button on the remote control for Internet options.

Samsung PN58C6500 Review
Landon Donovan on YouTube after the big win against Algeria.

Samsung PN58C6500 Review
Yahoo! Weather Widget

Audio Output: There is plenty of volume from the 15W X 15W speakers, however we weren't impressed by quality especially voice/dialog. Use the Clear Voice feature to help this issue.

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The 58C6500 costs around $2300 at reputable online dealers. This is an interesting mid range offering from Samsung because it leaves off the extra expense of 3D compatibility for which most manufacturers are charging upwards of $500. It does include the much improved Samsung Internet Applications and you get some nice picture quality, though soft and grainy with standard definition programming. The depth with HD is superb. Competition comes from Panasonic in the TC-P58S2 well as the LG 60PK750. And then there is LCD competition, which we still feel plasma beats though the battle is getting closer. Overall, this TV offers good value.

Samsung PN58C6500 Specifications

Rating scale from 70 (denoting poorest quality) to 100 (signifying the very best quality). Picture quality is double-weighted in the Overall Rating Score calculation.


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