Samsung PN43F4500 Review (PN43F4500AF)

43 Inch 720p Plasma TV

Samsung PN43F4500 Plasma TV (PN43F4550)The Samsung PN43F4500 is the smallest of the plasma TVs for the 2013/14 lineup. This is a complete budget offering, so don't expect any extras like Smart TV or 3D capabilities. Instead, this TV offers the fine picture quality of plasma displays. That's really about it. This is perfect for budget TV shoppers who don't want to pay for features that are going to likely go unused. A Roku box or gaming console will bring plenty of features and connectivity to this TV at a fraction of the price anyway. The only difference between the F4500 series and the F5300 series is the inclusion of the 43 inch size and the lack of full 1080p HD playback.

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(Samsung also offers a PN43F4550 model. It is the same TV , but the cabinet color is a cool gray versus the black on the 4500 model. Availability of both models at different resellers may vary.)

Picture Quality

The picture quality features that matter on the PN43F4500AF are the 720p resolution and the 600Hz refresh rate that is standard for plasma displays. These days 720p may get a bad rap, but in reality it is still the predominant technology for broadcast and many video games. 720P will still be functional down the road, but will probably be a bit dated. Our urge to future proof technology and make a good buy is strong, but it's important to recognize value in this plasma TV. Contrast and color reproduction are excellent in this plasma TV as well. Flesh tones are done very well with an overall sense of color accuracy. Low end LED TVs sacrifice a lot in these categories, but that is not the case in the Samsung PN43F4500. Side viewing angles are also excellent and do not degrade as viewers move from a center viewing point. One couldn't ask for much more in a value plasma.


The appearance of the PN43F4500 is basically the same as the low end E450 series from last year. It has a slim profile with a glossy black plastic square stand. It's unobtrusive, but remains attractive with it's thin bezel and fame. The F4550 version of the same TV features a cool gray cabinet color if black doesn't fit the design the room this TV will be featured in.


This budget plasma represents an excellent value. At just above $400 for a 40+ inch TV with fantastic picture quality, it solid deal. Those turned off by the less than 1080p resolution can take the small step up to the F5300. Panasonic and LG also have 720p plasma TVs on the table, so there will be some heavy competition in the budget plasma class this year.

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