Samsung PN43E450 Review

43" 720p Plasma HDTV

Samsung PN43E450 Plasma TVThe PN43E450 is the budget priced 43" Samsung plasma, it has few of the features found in higher tier models but the 720p plasma panel does have the Real Black Filter that was found in top tier 2011 models. This is a pretty significant upgrade for a budget line of televisions. Although most people have a poor impression of 720p resolution, it is much less noticeable on smaller TV sizes such as this. The PN43E450 is not 3D nor does it have any online connectivity features for the Internet or Smart TV.

Picture Quality

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A preponderance of the programming available on cable and satellite is still 720p so when watching this sort of programming you won't be missing out on any detail from down scaling. Actually, even when cable companies state they are displaying in HD, the signal is compressed to what would be the equivalent of 720p and thus very close to the resolution of the PN43E450. With Blu Rays and other 1080p programming the TV will have to downscale the signal from 1080p to 720p. Since it is a plasma the E450 does have good contrast and color and excellent side angle viewing.

Black Level and Contrast

With the addition of the Real Black Filter the contrast and black levels in the 43" screen PN43E450 are much improved over the D450 that it replaces. Good black levels accentuate the colors without overpowering detail in dark and low lit scenes. For a budget priced model the contrast performance on the E490 is impressive.

PN43E550 3D Plasma TV


As we have come to expect with Samsung plasma panels the PN43E450 does a good job with color rendition, colors are rich and realistic, especially flesh tones.


The panel on the PN43E450 is surrounded by a 1" wide gloss black plastic bezel. It won't blow you away with its appearance but it is still a good looking television. The E450 is about 2 3/4 inches in depth.

Quick Specs

  • 720p HD
  • Real Black Filter
  • Value Pricing

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