Samsung F5300 Series Picture Settings and Calibrations

Samsung F5300 Professional Calibration
We use an X-rite I1 pro meter reader using CalMan software to help with our calibrations. Shown here calibrating Blue.

Calibration Notes for the F5300 Plasma TV: Samsung plasmas for 2013 have very complete menus that make calibration an easy process. The F5300 does feature a 10 point white balance adjustment, which is pretty advanced for a value set. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in addition to the primary colors are really honed into the right balance with this menu. The TV calibrated extremely well with a low error rate after adjusting white balance. One of the biggest changes from Samsung plasmas in the past is the use of the Warm1 color tone on the F5300 instead of Warm2. The calibration process usually has Warm as the best, but it pushes a lot of green into the picture where Warm1 looks just right.

Samsung's own inbuilt Color Pattern to help with calibration on the F5300

Picture Mode: Movie
10p White Balance = ON
Interval Red Green Blue
1 -1 1 -2
2 -2 -2 -2
3 -3 -1 -4
4 -4 0 -3
5 -1 -2 -2
6 -5 -1 -1
7 -7 1 2
8 -1 1 2
9 -5 1 7
10 -3 0 -3
Cell Light 18
Contrast 100
Brightness 48
Sharpness 12
Color 52
Tint G51/R49
Color Tone Warm1
Digital Noise Filter OFF
MPEG Noise Filter OFF
HDMI Black Level Normal
Film Mode OFF
Black Tone OFF
Dynamic Contrast OFF
Expert Pattern OFF
RGB Only Mode OFF
Color Space Auto
Flesh Tone 0
Edge Enhancement OFF
Motion Lighting OFF
Energy Saving OFF
ECO Sensor OFF
Auto Power OFF OFF

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