Runco PlasmaWall™ XP-103DHD

Runco XP-103DHD Plasma Display

Runco is proud to present the latest addition to our PlasmaWall™ product line with the addition of the biggest one yet. The XP-103DHD, with full 1080p resolution, is the world’s largest plasma display at 103 inches! It is supplied with the external DHD™ Controller/Processor featuring our renowned Vivix II™ video processing for stellar performance and custom installation versatility.

The XP-103DHD elevates image quality to the highest levels, boasting impressive brightness and contrast ratio, deep black levels and the most accurate colorimetry yet available. Additional engineering enhancements include sophisticated 16-bit digital video processing resulting in 4096 steps of graduation for seamless images, completely void of the "solarization" and "stair stepping” characteristics previously plaguing digital flat panels.

The XP-103DHD features Runco’s venerable VirtualWide™ aspect ratio mode for viewing 4:3 content in widescreen without appreciable picture degradation, as well as ISF™ calibration modes for optimum viewing under diverse lighting conditions.

The included DHD Controller/Processor maintains a pure digital signal path from input to output, and includes a broad array of video input choices including two HDMI inputs with HDCP. The home automation interface includes IR and RS-232 capabilities with discrete input selection, power on/off, aspect ratio control and more.

The XP-103DHD not only represents a leap forward in high definition flat panel technology, but these engineering advances in plasma design ensure a long life in virtually any installation, extending to as much as 60,000 hours. Despite its massive screen size, the XP-103DHD is a mere 5 inches thin.