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Phone: 1 888 965 6400
Better Business Member: YES

Customer Comments

Tom Wolfe, Oahu, Hawaii
The buying experience was excellent. Prices were very competitive and sales personnel were knowledgeable and courteous. They helped me put together and complete video package to meet my needs including: monitor, stand, cables and a service contract. Although the monitor was temporarily out of stock when I placed my order, the complete shipment was made within 10 days and took only 7 days in transit to arrive safely in Hawaii. Just in time for Christmas! I was notified by e-mail at time of shipment and given a tracking number so that I was able to track the shipment in transit. I felt shipment of such an expensive, fragile item was handled very smoothly.

Larry Hanger, Atlanta, Ga
I purchased the screen from DTV City. I purchased from them because they were located in Atlanta where I live. Because of this, I was able to drive down to their store myself and bring the screen home in my SUV. They were very friendly and the purchase went smoothly. When I arrived to pick up the screen, I decided against buying the mounting brackets from them and I received a revised invoice from them via email the next day with the appropriate credit.

Michael Barnhart, New York City, NY
I bought the TV online from DTVCity and am very favorably impressed despite the problem with my initial shipment. That shipment arrived damaged. DTV ships quite carefully and the crating was completely intact but, as I later discovered, the "blue beads" to be checked on the Tip-and-Tell indicator in fact refer to the indicator's background. I was looking for beads,or even fluid, and did not realize that an all-blue indicator was a sign of trouble. I see that DTV's current mailings to customers go to some pains to describe exactly what to look for--a welcome improvement. In any event, DTV was thoroughly professional when I contacted them to alert them to the damaged unit. A replacement was sent straightaway--which arrived in fine shape--and DTV's representative remains in touch with me to ensure proper and orderly return of the damaged unit.

I think the most essential ingredient in buying such a large-ticket item online (or by phone, for that matter) is confidence in the professionalism and reputation of the dealer.DTVCity did not have the best price for this unit, nor did it carry the HDTV receiver that I wanted to purchase with it. Nevertheless, I decided to give my business to DTVCity because of its prominently posted replacement and return policy, its pains in displaying its BBB credentials, and testimonies (available onsite and elsewhere) from satisfied customers. I am to date very happy with my experience with DTVcITY and its representatives.

Robert Siniscalchi, Naples, Florida
We bought it from DTVCity off the internet. We had a very helpful sales person who assisted me through the purchase decision and later with some questions on the installation. I would highly recommend DTVCity - in fact I happen to mention to a co worker in Atlanta that I bought the Plasma off the internet and he told me he did likewise - also from DVD City. He bought a Sony and was also pleased with the buying experience.

Kurt Nulph, Denver, CO
I bought our NEC from DTVCity.com and have only good things to say about their service. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that their net price was the lowest I could find anywhere and their helpfulness was the best! Although here in Seattle we have several chains that sell some Plasma sets and one store that deals exclusively in them, nearly all of the background information that I needed to make an informed decision on plasma, HDTV, cabling, digital TV, etc. was from sources on the internet supported by DTVCity.com. I made several calls to them regarding yet unanswered questions and on extended warranty options and I was always treated professionally and courteously. This was much better than my experiences with local chain retailers who often tended to be condescending or ill-informed. This purchase was an extravagance to me and I certainly did not want to spend that much money without doing my homework. Without DTVCity.com's help, I probably would not have purchased a plasma set, thinking there were too many unknowns. I am glad I bought from them. I was especially impressed by the quick delivery (same as my local dealer had promised) and the excellent packaging that NEC uses---the shipping carton was well designed to prevent damage in shipment and the shipper DTVCity.com used was very careful and not a corner of the carton was damaged. Impressive and necessary for such an expensive item.

Their internet materials were extremely helpful but I had to do a bit more digging to satisfy myself about plasma set reliability, special considerations which might affect one's need for an extended warranty, and ultimately getting information about the warranty coverage itself. It would be nice to have that extra detail on the internet links.

Dan Delatoore from New York City, NY
DTVCity should some how make experiences like mine made know to the big ticket buyer > 10K Its reassuring to know that such a large releativly heavy screen can be purchased out of state and will get there perfect

Charles Yakich, Chicago, Illinois
DTVCity. Very good. The plasma was delivered on time by a professional delivery company without any issues. The information provided on their site was helpful in selecting the correct screen for my application.

Maury Riad, New York
DTVCity helped me tremendously in choosing the right tv and in helping me with the proper cables to get the best connections. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced people were always there to help me on the phone. Their website also had many useful links, features and advice which has helped me get one of the best Home Entertainment hook ups in town.

Tony Scotto, Boston MA USA
Outstanding experience with DTVcity.com - extremely knowledgable and friendly. I went into the shopping experience having looked at a lot of displays first hand, and was biased to the Pioneer before even talking to them. When they listened to how we were going to use the display (movies & sports mainly, not as a computer monitor)they steered me to the Pioneer as well because of its unbelievable picture. Within 72 hours of ordering, I had the unit in my living room. Delivery took place during a snowstorm, but the delivery guy was very friendly and had obviously handled quite a few plasma tv deliveries. When I tell people I made the purchase on the web and saved over $3,000.00 compared to buying the same exact tv at an electronics store, they wonder why they didn't do this.

David Amiot, Nashville, TN USA
From DTVCity. I was a bit early in the game. Actually took two more weeks than initially estimated to arrive. Calls about status required a call back (which I always got). Shipping advice didn't work as advertised, I had to follow up by phone to get my info - never received the promised e-mail. Unpacking clear-cut, no damage, everything worked. Given the savings vs. local retail, I'd do it again.

Kevin Floyd, Charleston, SC
I purchased my TV from DTV City. Sales person was well-informed and not high pressure at all. I called several times before making my final decision and was always treated with respecrt, even when not purchasing on that call. They handled the shipment, and the unit arrived in perfect condition. I installed the unit myself

Mike Williams, Wexford, PA
I would definately buy from DVTCity again. My original Plasma arrived damaged (not their fault) and obviously I was very concerned. They immediately sent me out a repacement (shipped same day again!) and took care of the claim with the shipping company.

David Oswalt, Grand Junction, CO
The plasma TV package (including wall mount) was purchased through DTV City of Atlanta GA. I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous purchasing such an expensive piece of electronic equipment over the Internet and having it shipped freight. I had purchased a TV before from another company and the TV arrived broken as the freight company had dropped it. The Plasma TV arrived very well packed and the “tip indicator” let me know immediately that it had not been tipped over. Besides the e-mails letting me know the status of the order, I also received a phone call from the company after my initial order. Overall, I was very please in how my order was handled. It also arrived within one week (five working days), which I believed was exceptionally short time.

plasma depot Phone: 1 800 892 4713
Better Business Member: YES

Customer Comments

Alan Schuchman, Denver, Colorado
Experience was great. They were very responsive to my anxious calls concerning delivery date. The monitor arrived within 3 days of PlasmaDepot receiving it!

Mark Zambron, New York City, NY
I purchased the screen on-line from PlasmaDepot. It arrived about a week later in perfect condition. The website and its links were most helpful in learning about plasma displays, and multiple third party reviews supported the vendor as reliable.

Chris Avron, Henderson, Nevarda
Purchased trough the web site, Plasma Depot. The BEST BUYING EXPERINCE on the net or in brick and mortar store. Knowledgable staff, prompt delivery, great price. Overall: terrific

Adrian Robins, Orlando, FL
I was planning to buy the panasonic which was more expensive but after taling to the PlasmaDepot sales staff the NEC turned out to be the better option as I can use it in the UK if I return home in the future. The process of buying the TV was informative, and straight forward. I have purchased a TV from the internet before and had a very bad experience - PlasmaDepot was professional and helpful in making my purchase and your customer return policy is very fair.

Gordon Wotherspoon, Seattle, WA
All components arrived when promised in good order. I was nervous about spending so much money over the internet, however my confidence level has gone up and I am glad I made the purchase. I was not knowledgeable of all the differences in the various models and might have chosen a different model Pioneer if it would have made a significant difference in how it operates. I may never know, and my philosophy is to quit shopping after I buy, and I am happy with the Pioneer display.

Matthew Ross/Marshall Ross, Oakland, California
Plasma Depot, via on-line. Set arrived in fine condition. I was nervous about purchainsg such a large item over the internet, but it worked out fine. I would do it again, absolutely.

Phone: 1 888 273 0465
Better Business Member: YES

Customer Comments

Rick Hannon, Burr Ridge, IL
I purchased the screen from PlasmaDisplayGroup.com It was $1000 cheaper than any local store. The unit came 1-2 days earlier than expected. No problems at all. The Plasma Display Group uses tip-n-tell sensor to hlep me upon receipt of unit.

Ernest Breig, Houston, TX
Plasma Display Group, Excellent service. They took the fear of buying over the internet away. I would do it again in a minute.

Phone: 1 718 303 9550
Better Business Member: NO

Customer Comments

Dan Carvahlo, Brockton, MA
I placed an order online on Sept. 4th and was told the item was in stock. A week later I had to call to check the status and was told that the item was backordered and I should expect it by Sept. 24th. I don't so much mind the wait--what is bothersome is that the only way you know the status of your product is if you call customer service. The screen finally arrived on a day I was not expecting it, I receive no e-mail confirmation or calls prior to delivery. The TV works fine but I will not be ordering from Plasma TV Discounts again.

Dave Brighton, Colarado Springs, CO
Ordered a Sony PFM42V1 on sale for $3199. When ordered the item was placed on backorder and I was told at the time that the merchandise would be available in 5-7 business days. The order was cancelled a week later by PTD without explanation or even an email. After sitting on hold for over an 10 minutes I was told that that item was no longer available.

Ryan Foster, San Jose, CA
I got a 42 inch Panasonic tv in one order, a 15 inch LCD in another order, these were shipped to me using a professional shipping company. No problems at all. One was a Christmas gift and was received in plenty of time.. Great service and shipping.

Brent Frederickson, San Francisco, CA
I ordered a Panasonic 37" from Plasma TV Discounts and only had one regret. First you have to realize what their marketing model is. They knock $100 - $200 off their prices and then inflate their shipping by the same amount. This allows them to advertise 'lowest prices on the net' and makes them look good at sites like mysimon and pricegrabbers.

So I guess the moral of the story is if you know you are going to keep what you order. And the total price (with the shipping) is still less then you can get it for else where perhaps you should shop here. Others might prefer just not to do business with a company with such a deceptive marketing model.

Phone: 1 800 806 4757
Better Business Member: YES

Customer Comments

Jonathan Marsh, Roslyn Harbor, NY
Purchased from DTVExpress over the phone after researching on the internet. It was very easy start to finish.

Robert Kantor, NYC, NY
DTVExpress - This is the place to buy! They know what you need and they deliver ! Very helpful and fairly priced- great service.

Phone: 212 613 3103
Better Business Member: NO

Customer Comments

Eric Palmer, Columbus, OH
I am ASTOUNDED that this company has stayed in business for so long. Hopefully, it won't last.

Lured by a free shipping offer, I decided to purchase a pioneer display through a phone sales rep - a decision that goes down in history as one of the worst shopping mistakes I have ever made. (and believe me, I shop on-line a lot).

I needed to buy the display for a party I was having the following weekend and I wanted it within 10 days. Their website promised to process the shipment within 1-2 business days. They shipment take 3-5 days so I was thinking - at worst I'll get it within the 3-5 days of placing the order.

In retrospect, my calculations seem naive, at best. THREE days after placing the order I get an e-mail saying my credit card has been charged. No word of shipment yet. On days four and five I begin to frantically call their office to see what's happening. NONE OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBERS WORK. I also sent them three urgent e-mails asking them what's wrong. NOBODY BOTHERED TO RESPOND AT ALL. The company seemed to have vanished, although they did make sure to charge my credit card the full amount of the screen. I must have taken at least two hours from work to call and write e-mails, but at no avail.

On day six, Friday, I was finally able to get in touch with someone in sales who explained to me that he didn't handle customer service.

The next Monday, their customer service numbers still refused to accept incoming calls (not even an answering machine was picking the calls), but I managed to speak to a different person in sales who connected me to someone who said the SCREEN NEVER SHIPPED because they didn't have it in stock. (although the website clearly stated they did have it in stock). I asked for my money back and they said "we'll see what we can do." I'm still waiting for my money...

At the end, I was left with the impression that I was dealing with some shady gray-market distributor of questionable products (although they claim their TVs are not gray-market). The facts are: the Plasma TV Deals website delivers INACCURATE INFORMATION, their customer service DOES NOT EXIST, and the contractual obligations under their own shipment policies CANNOT BE TRUSTED, or enforced. The facts speak for themselves.

Don't waste your time, money, and nerves to save a few bucks. Go with a reputable shop and you won't regret it! It's just not worth it. It really isn't

Phone: 1 866 234 9924
Better Business Member: NO

Customer Comments

Brian Falvey, Novato, CA
I originally ordered the Panasonic PHD42 from Plasmahouse.com. Thet really gave me the run around. They said I had to wait a week for shipment because of the West Coast dockworkers strike. I felt that was a legitimate excuse, so I waited. After a week I called, and they said it was going to ship in 2 more days. 2 days later I called and they said it would take 4 more days to ship. They told me that they didn't carry any stock and that all of their displays were dropped shipped from other locations. I cancelled the order. Right afterwards I read a new review on plasmatvbuyersguide.com of the PFM42B2. This convinced me to go with the Sony. I called DTVCity and immediately asked if they could ship it that day. They said that they carried all stock in house and that it was no problem. That afternoon I had a tracking number. Shipping was a flawless process. Misti even went out of her way to find a silver table stand. The shipping was then expedited because I had a party that weekend, and everything arrived on time. Fantastic service! Awesome display!

Let's face it. Plasma TV's are high-end costly items. Not only were they the best price, but their service was immaculate. I can wholeheartedly recommend DTV City. What a completely different buying experience I had between Plasmahouse and DTV City. Night and day.

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