Who Makes What? Plasma TVs

Reviewer: Phil Conner

TThere are only a handful of major plasma display element (i.e. plasma glass) manufacturers in the world. There is always talk and hype about who makes what in the Plasma TV/Monitor industry (as well as LCD and Projectors). Many manufacturers buy their plasma display elements from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Just to set the story straighter on a few products please see the following notes on which manufacturers make what parts: Just to set the story straighter, here is a run-down of which manufacturer makes which parts.



NEC is an OEM manufacturer, so NEC brand monitors are made completely by NEC. NEC has its own plasma screen glass factory and uses its own processing boards and chips. NEC's glass and plasma manufacturing facilities were recently acquired by Pioneer - however it's marketing arm remains intact. NEC Plasma TV


Panasonic owns its glass manufacturing facilities (Osaka, Japan) as well as engineering its own internal components. Panasonic Plasma TV


Fujitsu no longer owns 50% of a plasma screen glass factory with Hitachi in Kyushu, Japan. The company sold their interests in plasma panel manufacturing and now is completely out of the business.


Pioneer owns its own plasma screen glass plant and produces most all boards and chips internalized in the plasma monitor. They make all of their own equipment, save for the 4030 and 5030 HD multimedia box, which is made by Sharp. As of summer 2008 Pioneer had decided to stop making its own plasma panel glass and will start purchasing glass from other manufacturers such as Samsung and Panasonic. Pioneer Plasma TV


The large Korean manufacturer makes its own glass and internal components and also OEMs a good amount. Samsung Plasma TV


Another large Korean manufacturer making its own glass and internal components and OEMs to other manufacturers as well. LG Plasma TV

Pictured Above: Internal Digital Video Processor Board for Fujitsu Plasma Monitors



No longer makes plasma TVs and purchases its LCD panels from other manufacturers. Toshiba LCD TV


While Sharp no longer sells plasma TVs they do manufacture their own quality LCD panels and TVs. Sharp LCD TV


Runco's 50" plasma display comes from Pioneer and its 42" plasma display comes from NEC, though Runco may make some internal processing modifications to both displays. Runco Plasma TV


NEC is the OEM for Marantz's 42", 50", and 61" plasma monitors.


The OEM of ViewSonic's 50" plasma screen is Pioneer. The OEM for its 42" plasma screen is more than likely a Hitachi.


Gateway's 42" and 50" plasma TVs (both the regular and Ultra Bright models) are re-badged Sampo displays. For the 46" they use BenQ as the OEM. As of 2006 Gateway no longer manufacturers plasma TVs.


Philips no longer manufactures plasma TVs. They now have a wide range of LCD TVs and purchase the LCD panels from other manufacturers such as LG. Philips will now license and sell under the name Funai as of summer 2008. Philips LCD TV

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