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Sony Plasma Reviews

Model: Sony PFM50C1 Plasma TV
Description: 50" Diagonal Plasma Monitor/TV, Widescreen 16:9 Format
Color:Silver Bezel
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

Sony PFM50C1 Review by Robert Kantor on 9.5.02

Q:  Describe the picture of the plasma TV/LCD monitor in terms of clarity, color reproduction, contrast and brightness.

A:   This screen is very well balanced. Very clear up close and it really opens up as you draw back.  We had to back the colors off as they were very bright and we have the whitest white I have seen on a plasma. Viewing abgle even from the other room from the side is very clear.

Q:  What are your general comments on your Plasma TVs/LCD Monitors? How do you like it?

A:  I first went with plasma as opposed to projection because I did not like having to isolate light from the room in order to view a piecture. The plasma of course saves space, but it simply defines what television should look like. It is a great thing to have a theatre in your home, for me I now have one in each room! I also have a LCD and it seems to have more clarity and brightness than the plasmas, but size is an issue still, and when high def hits the plasmas, it should be about the same. Lets not forget how a plasma impresses people when they come to your home!

Q:  How would you best describe the design and looks of the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor?

A:  My plasmas are less than four inches thick. I went with silver frames as it tends to open up the picture as oppsed to a black frame which defines the screen. The Sonys are really nice looking..simple, functional... no nonsense. Also the protective screen cover is a great idea and intergrates well into the design.

Q:  Plasma TV Inputs used? A:   1 Component Video Cable

Q:  How long have you had the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? A:  Less than 1 Month

Q:  What is the Plasma TV/LCD used for? A:  Home Living Room

Q:  Where did you purchase your Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? How was your buying experience?

A:   DTV City - This is the place to buy! They know what you need and they deliver ! Very helpful and fairly priced- great service.

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