Samsung PN58A650

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Samsung PN58A650T1F 58" 1920 X 1080 Plasma Television

Samsung PN58A650 Calibration
PN58A650 Calibration to D6500K

Calibration: Samsung Plasma PN58A650
Precalibration Drawback: Black Adjust needs turning off. This feature electronically enhances black levels. Contrast improved significantly post calibration. There are plentiful menu setting options available on the Samsung plasma without having to access the service menu. For instance there is a complete set of white balance controls. Therefore, we were able to dial the PN58A650 in to almost perfectly to D6500K.

Picture Mode: Movie
Color Temp: Warm 2
Brightness: 53
Contrast: 96
Color: 47
Sharpness: 18
Tint: G51/R49
Cell Light: 9
White Balance Settings Post Calibration:
Red-Offset 24
Green-Offset 25
Blue-Offset 27
Red-Gain 39
Green-Gain 25
Blue-Gain 20

Other Settings: Black Adjust – Off, Dynamic Contrast – Off, Gamma – (-1), Color Space – Native, Flesh Tone – 0, Edge Enhancement- Off, Color Tone – Normal, HDMI Black Level – Low, Film Mode – Off, xcYCC – Off.

Note: The above calibration are for HDMI inputs. For component or composite inputs increase Color to 52, Use Warm 1 color temp setting, Contrast 100.

Contrast Ratio Measurement: The PN58A650 measured an impressive 1032 to 1 pre-calibration and 1211 to 1 post calibration – while not the best tested this is an excellent result.

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