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Pioneer Plasma Monitor and Plasma Reviews

Model: Pioneer PDP503CMX Plasma TV
Description: 50" Diagonal Plasma Monitor/TV, Widescreen 16:9 Format
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

Pioneer PDP503CMX Review by Gordon Wotherspoon from WA on 10.30.02
Q:  Describe the picture of the plasma TV/LCD monitor in terms of clarity, color reproduction, contrast and brightness.

A:  Color, Contrast & Brightness are excellent

Q:  What are your general comments on your Plasma TVs/LCD Monitors? How do you like it?

A:  So far, I have cable TV & DVD hooked up. I have a new Pioneer Tuner/amp to run the audio. I am surprised that a mini jack is the audio output for the TV. The unit is a little more complicated to run than a regular TV, but I will get used to it. Also, I did not understand the green color problem until I was told the machine was in"PC" mode and should read the manual. Problem finally solved, but only after a few frustrating hours. It would have helped me if I had had a heads up on this factory setting.

Q:  How would you best describe the design and looks of the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor?

A:  Looks great. We are building a new home, and will place the TV recessed above the fireplace in the family room. For now it is in our living room. The design is exactly what we want. Simple & thin.

Q:  Plasma TV Inputs used? A:  1 Component using RCA - BNC Cables

Q:  How long have you had the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? A:  Less than 1 Month

Q:  What is the Plasma TV/LCD used for? A:  Home Living Room

Q:  Please explain how the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor was installed.

A:   Table stand. Next spring it will be wall mounted.

Q:  Where did you purchase your Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? How was your buying experience?

A:   PlasmaDepot.com All components arrived when promised in good order. I was nervous about spending so much money over the internet, however my confidence level has gone up and I am glad I made the purchase. I was not knowledgeable of all the differences in the various models and might have chosen a different model Pioneer if it would have made a significant difference in how it operates. I may never know, and my philosophy is to quit shopping after I buy, and I am happy with the 503CMX.

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