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Pioneer Plasma TV Review

Model: Pioneer PDP5030HD Plasma TV
Description: 50" Diagonal Plasma Monitor/TV, Widescreen 16:9 Format
Color:Charcoal Black
Warranty: 2 Year Parts and Labor

Pioneer PDP5030HD Review by Rodney King from TX
Q:  Describe the picture of the plasma TV/LCD monitor in terms of clarity, color reproduction, contrast and brightness.

A:  Picture clarity was good on upper end channel viewing with Time Warner cable. But lower end (non HD) channel viewing was very disappointing. Picture was grainy and blurred looking when playing regular cable signal or VHS tapes. I have a collection of VHS tapes and these were unwatchable on this plasma TV.

Q:  What are your general comments on your Plasma TVs/LCD Monitors? How do you like it?

A:  Overall I was disappointed to the point I returned the product. I just could not watch the regular signals. I think the tuner box that comes with the TV is not good at upgrading the picture signal.

Q:  How would you best describe the design and looks of the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor?

A:  Very attractive frame with built-in speakers.

Q:  Plasma TV Inputs used? A:  1 Component using RCA - BNC Cables

Q:  How long have you had the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? A:  3-12 Months

Q:  What is the Plasma TV/LCD used for? A:  Bedroom Q:  Please explain how the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor was installed.

I installed it. I built a wall using 2x6's in an existing TV niche built into my home. I then mounted the bracket to the newly built wall and placed the TV in the bracket.

Q:  Where did you purchase your Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? How was your buying experience?

A:   I returned the plasma to the dealer. I was satisfied with the overall expierence of buying from DTVexpress.com. The TV arrived on time. I had no trouble reaching supervisors at the company. The plasma TV was the disappointment so I had to return it. The company had it picked up and I had to pay for shipping and restocking.

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