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Pioneer Plasma Reviews

Model: Pioneer PDP4330HD Plasma TV
Description: 43" Diagonal Plasma Monitor/TV, Widescreen 16:9 Format
Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor

Pioneer PDP4330HD Review by Debbie Joyce from San Mateo, CA
Q:  Describe the picture of the plasma TV/LCD monitor in terms of clarity, color reproduction, contrast and brightness.

A:  Awesome

Q:  What are your general comments on your Plasma TVs/LCD Monitors? How do you like it?

A:  I love the quality, the size, the fact they they don't take over a room.

Q:  How would you best describe the design and looks of the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor?

A:  Simple but hi-tech

Q:  Plasma TV Inputs used?

A:  1 Composite & 1 Component using RCA - RCA Cables

Q:  How long have you had the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor?

A:  3-12 Months

Q:  What is the Plasma TV/LCD used for?

A:  Home Living Room

Q:  Please explain how the Plasma TV/LCD Monitor was installed.

A:   My Electrician and me

Q:  Where did you purchase your Plasma TV/LCD Monitor? How was your buying experience?

A:   DTVCity out of Atlanta. Excellent. Very easy to deal with. Their follow up was great. I thought that everything was very easy and it went smoothly.

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