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Our recent reviews and especially comparison reviews have shown us that Samsung is making a superior plasma television. Realistic colors, rich contrast and fantastic overall picture quality. We continue to be impressed by Samsung's plasma offerings.

Samsung Plasma

2014 Samsung Plasma Televisions

Samsung H5000 Series  
The H5000 series plasma TV is as basic as it gets for a 1080p plasma TV. There are no frills to inflate the price, making it an excellent value option. The appearance and design are standard for the mid to lower tier Samsung TVs.
Samsung PN64H5000

2013 Samsung Plasma Televisions

Samsung F8500 Series  
The F8500 series is the flagship plasma for 2013/2014. This model holds 2.5 times brighter whites and an increase of 400% in black levels over the E8000's head, the previous top of the line plasma. Those are some mighty claims, but we've seen them to be true. The only competition out there is going to be from the OLEDs and Panasonic's ZT60 series.
Samsung PN64F8500, Samsung PN60F8500, Samsung PN51F8500

Samsung F5500 Series  
This mid level plasma series has a heavy feature set, making it a good choice for plasma lovers that aren't willing to go all they way with the F8500 series. It has all of the same features minus the super black levels and a built-in camera for enhanced interaction. It's a value model with the aim of satisfying the need of 3D and internet features.
Samsung PN64F5500, Samsung PN60F5500, Samsung PN51F5500

Samsung F5300 Series  
Near the bottom of the line, the F5300 series loses all the bells and whistles of both plasma models above it in the 2013/14 lineup. What remains is a plasma TV with excellent picture quality at a budget price. All of the sizes are available making this an excellent budget choice for just about any room.
Samsung PN64F5300, Samsung PN60F5300, Samsung PN51F5300

Samsung F4500 Series  
The F4500 series plasma falls at the bottom of the totem pole for Samsung's plasma lineup this year. It features a 720p screen and a slim design. That's about all that is included, but the strong picture quality of plasma displays is present as always. Samsung also has a F4550 version that features a cool gray cabinet.
Samsung PN51F4500, Samsung PN43F4500

2012 Samsung Plasma Televisions

Samsung E8000 Series  
The E8000 is the flagship plasma from Samsung for 2012. The new All Black Pure Filter improves contrast and black levels 10% over last year. Improved black levels also improves the color performnce. The E8000 has the new Smart Interaction that uses a camera to recognize your face and lets you interact with your TV via voice commands or motion control.
Samsung PN64E8000, Samsung PN60E8000, Samsung PN51E8000

Samsung E7000 Series  
The E7000 replaces the D7000 from last year, it also has the new All Black Pure Filter that increases contrast 10% over the previous models. The E7000 has a dual core processor that allows you to multitask while using the expanded Smart TV suite that adds more apps to the app store and a full web browser to the E7000.
Samsung PN64E7000, Samsung PN60E7000, Samsung PN51E7000

Samsung E6500 Series  
The E6500 is a mid tier plasma from Samsung that contains many of the features you would expect in a top tier model. It has the All Black Pure Filter for increased contrast, a 1080p 3D plasma panel, the expanded Smart TV suite with more than 1500 available apps and the new full web browser. The E6500 also has built in WiFi.
Samsung PN64E6500, Samsung PN60E6500, Samsung PN51E6500

Samsung E550 Series  
The E550 presents consumers with a budget priced 1080p 3D plasma television. Available in 4 sizes ranging from 43" - 64" the E550 has active 3D and includes 2 pairs of glasses and has the expanded Smart TV online suite. If you are looking for a value priced television with many high end features the E550 is worth a look.
Samsung PN64E550, Samsung PN60E550, Samsung PN51E550, Samsung PN43E550

Samsung E490 Series  
In a push to get 3D into every one's living room Samsung produces series like the E490, a 720p 3D plasma television available in 2 sizes. They replace the popular D490 from last year and should be good sellers in 2012. The E490 is improved with the Real Black Filter that was found on top tier models last year and improve the contrast of the plasma panel.
Samsung PN59E490, Samsung PN51E490

Samsung E450 Series  
The E450 replaces last year's budget priced line of D450 plasma televisions. The 720p plasma panel sees a significant improvement with the addition of the Real Black Filter, a feature found in top tier plasmas last year. The Real Black Filter improves contrast and black levels b absorbing ambient light.
Samsung PN51E450, Samsung PN43E450

2011 / Eearly 2012 Samsung Plasma Televisions

Samsung D8000 Series  

Samsung's flagship plasma model for 2011 is the D8000 line. These 3D plasma televisions also feature the new +1 sizing, the viewable screen is 1 inch larger, the bezel is one inch smaller and the TV remains the same size overall. The D8000 also gets the full SmartHub online suite and the 2 sided QWERTY remote.
Samsung PN64D8000, Samsung PN59D8000, Samsung PN51D8000

Samsung Plasma D7000 Series  

Samsung's D7000 line of plasmas features the new +1 screen sizes, 1" more screen in the same size TV. These 3D plasmas also feature Samsung's new Smart Hub Internet TV that gives access to Samsung' app store as well as a web browser.
Samsung PN64D7000, Samsung PN59D7000, Samsung PN51D7000

Samsung D6500 Series  

The D6500 is another line of +1 plasmas from Samsung for 2011, lacking a few features of the more expsinve D8000, the D6500 retains the looks and near perfect picture quality of the flagship model at a lower price. This mid-price 3D plasma packs plety of features.
Samsung PN59D6500, Samsung PN51D6500

Samsung D550 Series  

The D550 is the entry level 1080p 3D plasma from Samsung for 2011, this mid-tier plasma is also "+1" featuring a 1" larger screen in the same sized enclosure. It does not feature the Smart TV internet features, however, it does have DLNA Allshare networking for playing media on your TV.
Samsung PN64D550, Samsung PN59D550, Samsung PN51D550

Samsung D490 Series  

The D490 are entry level 3D plasmas, they feature a 720p and active 3D technology. These plasma offer 3D at a budget price. As a 720p 3D plasma the D490 series is unique in the 3D market offering this desireable feature at a very low price point.
Samsung PN51D490, Samsung PN43D490

Samsung D450 Series  

The D450 represents the entry level for Samsung plasma in 2011, it also contains the only sub 51" plasma for this year. This budget priced model eschews many of the bells and whistles of the higher end models to bring plasma picture quality in at a very low price.
Samsung PN51D450, Samsung PN43D450

2010 Samsung Plasma TVs

Samsung C8000 Series  

Samsung's new line up of plasmas was on display at CES 2010 and the C8000 series is the top of the line. The 1080p panel uses Samsung's Real Black Filter for a rich image. The C8000 series is 3D ready and features a slim design with a brushed titanium Touch of Color for a stylish, modern look.
Samsung PN63C8000, Samsung PN58C8000, Samsung PN50C8000

Samsung C7000 Series  

Samsung's C7000 line up of plasmas for 2010 feature 1080p Clear Image Panels in a Brushed Black Touch of Color bezel. These televisions are 3D ready like many of the TVs at CES this year.
Samsung PN63C7000, Samsung PN58C7000, Samsung PN50C7000

Samsung C6500 Series  

The C6500 line of 2010 Samsung plasmas will provide many of the features of the higher lines at a more affordable price point. While not 3D capable the C6500 series does feature Samsung's 1080p Clear Image Panel in a Black Touch of Color bezel.
Samsung PN63C6500, Samsung PN58C6500, Samsung PN50C6500

2010 Samsung 5 Series  

A step up from the 4 series plasmas the 5 series are an affordable line of 1080p plasma TVs from Samsung. The 550 series features a charcoal gray Touh of Color bezel, a full hD 1080p panel that includes Samsung's FilterBright technology for reducing glare and internal reflections and Samsung's Wide Color Enhancer Pro for increased depth in blues and greens.
Samsung PN50C540, Samsung PN50C550, Samsung PN50C590, Samsung PN58C540, Samsung PN58C550, Samsung PN58C590, Samsung PN63C550, Samsung PN63C590

2010 Samsung 4 Series  

The 2010 4 series plasmas continue Samsung's affordable 720p plasma line. Most HD programming is still in 720p so the majority of the time you won't be missing out on resolution.
Samsung PN42C430, Samsung PN50C430, Samsung PN42C450, Samsung PN50C450


Samsung Plasma TV Models 2012

Samsung PN59E7500, Samsung PN51E7500,

1 Samsung PN64H5000
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