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Pioneer KURO Elite

Pioneer KURO Series Plasma

Pioneer has been a leader in plasma TV technology since year 2001 and continues to excel with excellent product offerings. Though the number of models has declined, Pioneer continues to produce some of the most technologically advanced TVs with their patented deep pixel cell structure which adds considerable depth and color saturation to images. The new Pioneer Kuro technology is designed to enhance black levels to pitch black. This has been some of the biggest advancements in the new Pioneer plasma models such as the 50 inch KURO PDP-5020FD, the 60 inch KURO PDP-6020FD and the KURO Elite line consisting of the 50 inch KURO Elite PRO-111FD and the 60 inch KURO Elite PRO-151FD which claim that when viewed in a pitch black room you cannot see the plasma if it displays a black image (when turned on of course).

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