Panasonic TV Picture Settings and Calibration

For Panasonic Plasma, LED and LCD TVs

A television in the process of being calibrated before we begin our review.

We have professionally calibrated the following Panasonic TVs based on strict ISF calibration guidelines using the best Sencore signal generators, colorometers, and Cal-Man Pro software. Settings for each TV listed are optimized to the D6500K color temperature.

The CIE Diagram shown above represents color on a 2D plane with white in the center, the curving gray line represents color temperature. D6500K is shown on the line with a red dot. When we calibrate a television, D6500K is the color temperature refrence that picture is calibrated to or as close to as possible.

Higher end lines of TVs have more robust options for calibration such as a 10-point white balance control to enable the user or calibrator to dial in the TV perfectly. Lower end lines of televisions have simpler settings options such as 2 point white balance settings or none at all.

Any plasma TVs near the top of the line in Panasonic's lineup allow for 10 point white balance control. There is also a lot of flexibility with this system to allow for a picture performance that really pops. It's a good thing, because Panasonic has joined the energy reduction brigade and the standard picture mode settings that these TVs come with provide a dull and dim picture performance. Adjusting the individual colors in the white balance controls per our settings will make the colors pop but will also necessarily decrease the life of the phosphors of the TV somewhat while also using more energy.

Below is a listing of the Panasonic series we currently have calibrated picture settings posted for. The picture settings are on the main review but apply to all sizes in a particular series of televisions.

1 Samsung PN64H5000
2 LG 60PB6900
Last Update:
January 2016
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