Panasonic 50" VIERA Plasma TV

Panasonic has an excellent selection of highly rated plasma TVs. Below are the current Panasonic Plasma Televisions in the 50 inch size category. The more green in the dots reflects highest price and features in the models listed. Click on each model for reviews, ratings, specifications and pricing.

2013 Panasonic Plasma Models

Panasonic TC-P50ST60
Panasonic TC-P50S60
Panasonic TC-P50X60

2012 Panasonic Plasma Models

Panasonic 50" TC-P50GT50  
The TC-P50GT50 has the Infinite Black Pro panel that is Panasonic's best for 2012, but without the “Ultra” filter on the VT50 series which is even better. This is a big step up from lower end plasmas from Panasonic due to the much better signal processing.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50ST50  
The TC-P50ST50 has the Infinite Black Pro panel which the VT series had in 2011 with a cell structure that increases black levels by 1.5 times by blocking more ambient light with the louvered filter.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50UT50  
The UT50 is set apart from the ST50 by not having the new Infinite Black Pro plasma panel. It still has a good picture but black levels and contrst aren't quite as strong as the higher-tier Panasonic plasma televisions.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50XT50  
With the XT50 line of plasma televisions Panasonic is bringing out an affordable line of 720p 3D plasma televisions. The TC-P50XT50 doesn't have many bells and whistles and is not full HD resolution but it puts 3D and plasma picture quality into a very low price bracket.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50U50  
The U50 series is a low priced plasma television available in only one size, the 50" TC-P50U50. It is one of only two Panasonic plasma HDTVs that are not 3D ready in 2012. This is a budget model that does not include any online features or other picture processing features found in higher tier models.

2011 Panasonic Plasma Models

Panasonic 50" TC-P50GT30  
The 50" TC-P50GT30 is a new THX Certified 3D plasma from Panasonic. This middle tier offering provides fantastic picture quality in both 2D and 3D and has the improved Viera Cast online entertainment feature.See the review of the TC-P50GT30

Panasonic 50" TC-P50ST30  
The 50" TC-P50ST30 is a model that is deaigned to give you Panasonic picture quality and 3D at a value price. It doesn't have the online features or THX certification like the upper level models do but it does have a 600Hz 3D plasma panel and a new look for 2011 that we felt was a large improvement. See the review of the TC-P50ST30

Panasonic 50" TC-P50S30  
Panasonic's TC-P50S30 is the value priced 1080p plasma in the 50" size. It is aimed at consumers who want Panasonic's quality but don't need features like 3D compatibility or internet connectivity. This model is sure to be a top seller in 2011.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50X3  
The X3 series of plasmas are a line of 720p plasmas aimed at the budget conscious consumer. They feature 600Hz sub field drive, Viera Image Viewer and are ready for WiFi for DLNA access to your home network, however, they do not feature internet connectivity.

2010 Panasonic Plasma Models

Panasonic 50" TC-P50S2  
The 50" TC-P50S2 appears to share in the affordable 1080p plasma category with the U2 series. Available in larger sizes than the U2 series these plasmas feature a 1080p panel with Panasonic's 600Hz Sub-Field Drive and an anti reflective filter for using the TV in bright rooms.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50U2  
The Viera 50" TC-P50U2 from Panasonic appears to share in the affordable 1080p plasma category with the S2 series. These plasmas feature a 1080p panel with Panasonic's 600Hz Sub-Field Drive and an anti reflective filter for using the TV in bright rooms. Viera Link allows a single remote to use with any connected Viera Link products.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50C2  
The 50" TC-P50C2 from Panasonic brings consumers HDTV at a budget price, while most manufacturers are focusing exclusively on 1080p resolution the C2 series uses a 720p panel and is available in 3 sizes. The C2 series shares the Viera Image Viewer, 600Hz Sub Field Drive and Viera Link features of the higher end Panasonic plasmas.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50VT25  
Panasonic's new flagship is the 50" TC-P50VT25. These new Full HD 3D plasmas feature the new 1080p Infinite Black Pro panel with a stated 5,000,000:1 native contrast ratio. The VT25 series meet the THX certification and include THX Movie Mode which sets the TV up for optimum movie viewing right out of the box. The VT25's Full HD 3D sends a full 1080p image to each eye for the complete HD 3D experience.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50G25  
The 50" TC-P50G25 uses Panasonics NeoPDP Infinite Black panel. We were impressed with last year's NeoPDP panel in the G10 plasmas and the new series offers improved picture with even deeper black levels. The G25 plasmas are THX Certified displays and offer the THX Movie Mode feature that will set your TV for optimum color and contrast when watching your favorite movies.

Panasonic 50" TC-P50G20  
The Viera 50" TC-P50G20 plasma for 2010 also uses Panasonics NeoPDP Infinite Black panel. We discovered from Panasonic's tech staff that there is a subtle new anti-glare technology on the G-series Panasonic plasma models. While they are concentrating on still delivering superior black levels than LCD TVs, they have improved the glare reflection substantially over the past two years.

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