LG Plasma TV Models

= Highest Price and Most Features

LG features a full line up of plasmas from the flagship 3D models to budget priced 720p models. Plasma is still the best value for the dollar when it comes to larger screen sizes and you can often find the same features as a higher end LED or LCD television in a plasma for a lower price. Plasma continues to prove that it has the superior picture quality but the ther technologes are catching up.

2014 LG Plasma Televisions

LG PB6900 Series  

The PB6900 series is the top of the line plasma offering for 2014. It is only available in 60 inches, but the price is very reasonable. It has standard Smart TV features, active 3D playback, and excellent picture quality.
LG 60PB6900

LG PB6600 Series  

The PB6600 series is a slight step down from the top of the line model. Most everything is the same except it lacks active 3D playback. This one is perfect for those looking for the quality of a plasma display but want to save a few bucks.
LG 60PB6600, LG 50PB6600

2013 LG Plasma Televisions

LG PH6700 Series  

The PH6700 series is made up of the one and only plasma TV with 3D and internet features. It's only available in the 60 inch size. The PH6700 is a major step up from the PN6500 seires that lacks all internet functionality as well as 3D. LG designed this TV as the plasma solution to all of the top of the line LEDs in the lineup for the 2013/2014 year. Go for it is plasma is the only kind of TV you want in the home theater.
LG 60PH6700

LG PN6500 Series  

With choices on Plasma TVs from LG this year, the PN6500 series becomes the middle of the road choice. Although it is one step under from the top model, 6500 series plasma TVs are fairly stripped of all the extras. It keeps the Hairline of the 6700 and loses every thing else. What remains is a great looking 1080p picture in a very nice package. Those looking to go the plasma route in 2013/2014 will find a great value in this one.
LG 60PN6500, LG 50PN6500

LG PN5700 Series  

The LG PN5700 series is pretty much the same TV as the PN6500, but with a few additions. Smart TV, an extra HDMI port, and an optional touch pen make it stand out. It's got an excellent plasma picture with just enough features to make it a great value.
LG 60PN5700

LG PN4500 Series  

The PN4500 is the end of the road of plasma TVs for 2013/2014. It is good to see LG still making these budget oriented plasmas available for those who don't want to make the switch to LED. Plus, plasmas usually come with a better price tag anyway. These 720p models sure arent top of the line, but they have the top notch picture associated with plasma displays. Budget shoppers should pay attention to these.
LG 50PN4500, LG 42PN4500

2012 LG Plasma Televisions

LG PM9700 Series  

In 2012, the PM9700 series is the flagship plasma line from LG. Available in two sizes, 60 inch and 55 inch, the THX certified PM9700 uses active 3D technology, a new matte glass screen and has the full Smart TV suite and the new and improved Magic Wand remote. The PM9700 also sports a new look with a classy, black brushed aluminum bezel.
LG 60PM9700, LG 50PM9700

LG PM6700 Series  

Second from LG's top tier in 2012 is the PM6700. The picture quality in LG's 2012 is much improved with better contrast and black levels thanks to a new black filter included in the TV. The PM6700 is available in 2 sizes, 60" and 55", both models have a 1080p plasma panel, active 3D and Smart TV online features.
LG 60PM6700, LG 50PM6700

LG PA6500 Series  

The PA6500 is the top tier of LG plasma televisions without 3D capability. It has the same 1080p plasma panel with the new black filter that improves the contrast, black levels and overall picture quality but the lack of 3D puts the PA 6500 in a lower price bracket. The PA6500 is available in two sizes, 60" and 55".
LG 60PA6500, LG 50PA6500

LG PA4500 Series  

For those consumers looking for a very low priced plasma television LG offers the PA4200 in 2012. These two (55" and 37") plasmas feature a 720p plasma panel. Most of today's HD programming is still in 720p so you will not be missing out on a lot of detail. The PA4200's most stand out feature is definitely the low price.
LG 50PA4500, LG 42PA4500

LG Plasma

2011 / Early 2012 LG Plasma Televisions

LG PZ950 Series  

LG's new PZ950 series plasmas feature their 3D, TruBlack panel and offer improved internet connectivity with LG's new Smart TV feature. These models retain the beautiful, seamless glass "Infinia" design from 2010.
LG 60PZ950, LG 50PZ950

LG PZ850 Series  

The PZ850 Series offers a feature you are more likely to see on a smart phone or tablet, the 60PZ850 is a touchscreen 3D plasma. THe Pentouch feature allows users to interact with the screen via an included stylus and it also has built in apps specifically for this feature.
LG 60PZ850

LG PZ750 Series  

LG's 2011 PZ750 series of plasmas feature the Infinia design, 1080p TruBlack panel and are THX Certified, internet options include LG's new SmartTV which is debuting on 2011 LG Plasmas and LCDs.
LG 60PZ750, LG 50PZ750

LG PZ550 Series  

The PZ550 series of plasmas doesn't include some of the higher end plasma's picture processing or THX certification but it does feature the TruBlack panel and active 3D compatibility. If you are looking for 3D without some of the bells and whistles the PZ550 series is worth a look.
LG 60PZ550, LG 50PZ550

LG PV490 Series  

The PV490 series offers the interesting Pentouch touch screen feature without THX Certification or 3D compatibility. If this feature interests you then you can find some savings in these more budget priced models.
LG 60PV490, LG 50PV490

LG PW350 Series  

The PW350 series offers active 3D compatibility at a low price point. These 720p plasmas leave off things like internet connectivity and 1080p resolution to bring 3D to the budget conscious consumer.
LG 50PW350, LG 42PW350

LG PT350 Series  

The PT350 is a very basic 720p plasma, it has the solid picture quality you'd expect from a plasma without all the bells & whistles so it comes in at a very low price point.
LG 50PT350, LG 42PT350

2010 LG Plasma Televisions

LG PK950 Series  

LG's new plasmas are embracing a slim, new design. At around 2" deep they are 37% thinner than last year's plasmas. THis also resulted in a dramatic drop in weight, some of the larger sizes are 40% lighter than the previous models. The single layer construction provides a modern look with the front glass stretching out to the edges of screen.
LG 60PK950, LG 50PK950

LG PX950 Series  

The PX950 Series plasmas have all of the features of the top tier PK950 series but add 3D compatibility, a 2D to 3D conversion feature, THX 3D certification and a facility for viewing pictures directly from a digital camera.
LG 60PX950, LG 50PX950

LG PK750 Series  

LG's PK750 series of plasmas use a new TruBlack filter to provide superior black levels even in brightly lit rooms. LG is claiming the black levels of the TruBlack filter equipped plasmas to be far advanced over last year's LG plasmas.
LG 60PK750, LG 50PK750

LG PK550 Series  

The PK550 series plasmas from LG feature a 1080p panel in a slim, 2" deep case with a bezel under 1" in size. The Intelligent Sensor feature will automatically adjust the brightness to match the brightness and color temperature of the room lighting.
LG 60PK550, LG 50PK550

LG PJ350 Series  

LG isn't abandoning the 720p HD specification for 2010. The PJ350 offers many of LG's core features in a slim, 2" case with a sub 1" bezel for a modern looking, feature packed TV at what should be an affordable price.
LG 50PJ350, LG 42PJ350