LG Plasma TV Models for 2008


PY3D Series

Models: LG50PY3D, LG60PY3D

Though first introduced in 2007 the PY3D series may still be found for sale at your local retailer. This plasma TV has 3,000:1 native contrast ratio. It has full 1080p (1920 X 1024) resolution, 3 HDMI inputs and LG's proprietary XD video processing engine. The plasma television comes with a robust 2 year manufacturers warranty.

PG20 Series

Models: LG42PG20, LG50PG20

This is LG's entry level plasma TV for 2008. All 2008 LG plasma TVs claim a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and this series plasma has a native contrast of 20,000:1. The plasma has the new Fluid Motion technology which gives the effect of a 180hz refresh rate. It also contains some of the other common enhancements found in all of LG's new plasma lineup such as Clear Voice technology which enhances and amplifies the human voice element in programming with lots of background noise or music. There are 3 AV modes for preset picture viewing – sports, games, and cinema and the housing for the plasma contains the new invisible 10W X 10W speaker design with SRS Tru Surround technology. Resolution is 1024 X 768 (720p). The depth of these newer models has been reduced to 3.4”. There are 3 HDMI input options on this plasma television.

PG25 Series

Models: LG42PG25, LG50PG25

This plasma contains all of the features found in the PG20 series plasma. However, there is an additional USB 2.0 input port. As on all of the new LG plasma TVs lifespan to average half life has been increased to 100,000 hrs. The PG25 plasma series also begins design upgrades to a single layer front glass panel with no bezel creases for a crisper appeal. The number of HDMI inputs is also increased to 4 on this plasma (three in the back and one on the side.)

PG30 Series

Models: LG50PG30, LG60PG30

Adding to the feature set in the PG20 and PG25 series in the PG30 series the resolution is increased to 1920 X 1024 1080p. The native contrast ratio is increased from 20,000:1 to 30,000:1. The depth of this plasma has been decreased to just 3.3” so its great for wall mounting. The single layer design present in the PG25 series is not continued in this series. Brightness changes to 1000 cd/m2 from 1500 on the PG25 series. HDMI inputs are reduced to 3 in this plasma (one on side, two in the back).

PG60 Series

Models: LG50PG60, LG60PG60

Appropriately branded 'The Edge” the PG60 series is the top of the line LG plasma TV series for 2008. In addition to the features on the PG25 and PG30 series the LG60 series has THX certification for advanced video imagery processing. Reproduction of film and gaming sources will be superior through the use of advanced testing and performance techniques standards used to refine the picture quality. The LG60 series plasma employs the single layer design with no bezel creases for seemless aesthetics. The 30,000:1 native contrast ratio continues from the PG30 series.

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