Flat Screen TV Buying Guide: Reviews, Technology Comparisons, Buying Tips

There are currently a very large number of flat screen TVs models available on the market which can be used for a number of different applications. This buying guide will help you answer your questions based on which considerations are most important to you. Following is a compliation of articles, ratings, features reviews and buying tips to help you decide which technology and which TV is right for you.

Some of the questions you will want to answer when reading through this material is: What size flat screen TV do you need? Which flat panel TV technology is right for your needs? What features will you want on the flat screen TV to future proof your purchase the best you can? And what are some of the value considerations that will yield the best price for features?

We'll start by showing you a link to the best selling top 10 flat screen TVs and on this same page we've included our top reviewed TVs with accompanying ratings.

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Flat Screen TV Reviews

Panasonic Viera TC-P50S2 Plasma Review

The TC-P50S2 series plasma contains the new an updated version of the NEO PDP (i.e. plasma screen) from Panasonic. This is the same screen used in some of the higher end Panasonic series which should make this model a good value if picture quality is your primary objective. We find the picture quality overall improved from the prior S1 series.. Read more...

Samsung PN50B550 Plasma Review

Certainly Samsung has come a long way in plasma panels. I remember a time past when they were, um, well, irregular in many ways. Color coordinates were off, they were often clunky, heavy and deep not to mention unattractive. All of that has changed now. This model represents approximately the 10th generation plasma product and represents the one of the best if not the best values in the television market today. Read more...

Samsung UN55C7000 Review

With color information both light and dark appearing so deeply saturated, contrast effect is excellent. Blacks appear inky and sometimes lose dark shadow detail. White light sometimes is distractingly too bright. Contrast appears more intense on the screen than the average of 191:1 post calibration ANSI checkerboard pattern contrast that we measured Read More...

Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR9 Review

The XBR9 series is actually the replacement for the XBR6 Bravia TVs from 2008/2009. Confusingly, the XBR8 series is Sony's LED LCD with local dimming and the highest feature set and price point of the Sony TVs on the market today. Upgrades in the XBR9 from the XBR6 are 240Hz rate compared with the previous 120Hz rate and an upgrade in the Bravia Video processing Engine to 3rd edition. Read More...

Samsung LN46B650 Review

There is a lot of range in the TVs ability to display lower end signals. This leads one to the conclusion that the B650 contains very high quality processing chip sets and indeed our HQV processing tests prove this to be the case. High definition content appears vibrant, realistic and extremely crisp. Blacks are rich for an LCD and contrast is a strength. Read More...

Flat Screen TV Technology Comparison