Plasma / Flat Screen TV Screen Size

Plasma TVs today come in a range of sizes from 37" on up. The biggest plasma on the market today is a 103" screen - talk about movie night!!! Because of the different technology, LCD (liquid crystal diode) monitors/TV's can begin at smaller sizes, starting at 10" and go up to a 65" screen. LCD and plasma monitors are very similar in terms of clarity, depth, color brilliance and their conveniently flat design. The best values in plasma displays and LCD monitors will be found where there is much competition between manufacturers in one size of monitor.

Viewing distance recommendations are approximately 6 to ten feet for screens sizeed 37". A 42" plasma display may be optimally viewed from 10-14 feet. A 50" plasma display will look best from 12-16 feet, and you should have at least 15 feet to work with when installing a 60" or higher. Ultimately, though, the choice is up to you.

1 Samsung PN64H5000
2 LG 60PB6900
Last Update:
April 2016
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