Pioneer KURO Elite PRO-151HD 60" 1080p Plasma TV

Pioneer KURO Elite PRO-110FD

Brace yourself for the stunning new world of the Elite® KURO™ PRO-151FD. It’s a world of high-definition that will forever change the way you experience entertainment. More than just the next step in high-definition, the new 1080p Elite KURO is a quantum leap. A revelation. Beyond anything thought possible, until now.

Delivering the next benchmark by which every other flat panel will be measured, the new 1080p Elite KURO boasts black levels five times greater than its predecessor. Built with the highest resolution (1920 x 1080p), the new Elite KURO offers an entertainment experience of unequaled measure. The result is nothing short of stunning with added depth and dimension, richer colors and more pristine detail in everything you see, hear and feel.

The Elite KURO is a dream come true. For our most discerning entertainment connoisseurs, the Elite KURO is equipped to go beyond the standard set of audio and video settings. Further flexibility and distinct user settings can be finely tuned and set using the ISFccc™ calibration feature for both daytime and nighttime viewing.

Prepare yourself for sports, movies and news experienced in ways never before possible. Open your eyes to content reproduced in the most faithful and pristine way ever seen in a home theater environment. Get ready for a flat panel television that thinks for itself with an all-new Optimum Mode setting, to monitor not only content but room light conditions and color temperature. The ability to examine and then finely adjust both audio and video settings seamlessly provides a near flawless entertainment experience that rivals actually being there.

Set your sites on a flat panel so technologically advanced that it can connect to an existing home network to go beyond just a television. Our exclusive Home Media Gallery allows you to enjoy HD movies, digital photos and music all in the comfort of your living room.

Engineered for the ultimate entertainment experience beyond sight and sound, this revolutionary new flat panel delivers uncompromising attention to detail for near perfection. Get ready to surpass the standards of flawlessness – and enter the world of KURO.

Plasma Technology
High-Definition Resolution 1920 x 1080p
60" Class (59.58" Diagonal) Y
Deep Encased Cell Structure/Crystal Emissive Layer Y
Improved Color Filter For Enhanced Contrast Y
Improved ASIC Video Processing and Scaling Y
Detachable Side Speakers Y
Plasma Features
New & Improved Optimum Video Mode Y
Smooth Film Mode Y
4 Independent HDMI® 1.3 Inputs Y
Room Light Sensor for Automatic Picture Adjustment Y
HD Wide Mode Mode 1 / Mode 2
Standard 3:2 (60Hz) Pulldown Y
Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 (72Hz) Pulldown Y
Fully Integrated ATSC & NTSC Tuner with Clear QAM Y
Home Media Gallery Y
ISF™ccc Calibration Ready Y
Independant Gamma Control (R/G/B) For Heightened Color Calibration Y
Sound Control (Synchronized Sound) Off / On
V-Chip Parental Control Y
Remote Control New Design - Aluminum Plated - Illuminated / Preset / Learning
On-Screen Display Eng / Fre / Spa
New & Improved Graphical User Interface (GUI) Y
New Energy Save Mode Standard / Save 1 / Save 2 / Picture Off
Energy Star Compliant Y
Picture Settings
A/V Selection Memory Optimum / Performance / Movie / Sports / PURE / Game / Standard / ISF-Day / ISF-Night / ISF Auto (PC input:only Standard, User & ISF)
Aspect Ratio Control 9 Positions: Auto* / Full / Dot by Dot / Zoom* / Cinema* / 4:3 / Wide* (Only for SD) Wide 1* (Only for HD) Wide 2* (Only for HD) *Except PC Signal
Advanced Picture-In-Picture 4 Positions
Picture-Side-Picture 3 Positions
Still Picture Capability Y
Seamless Orbiter Off / Mode 1 / Mode 2
Auto Size Off / Natural / Wide-Zoom
Side Mask Detection 2 Modes (Black / Black and Illustrated)
Side Mask Brightness Fixed / Auto
Video Pattern White Bar
Game Control Preference Off / On
Intelligent Mode Off / Mode 1 / Mode 2
Room Light Sensor & New External Color Sensor Off / Mode 1 / Mode 2
Home Media Gallery
IP Network Compatibility Designed to DLNA™ Guidelines DLNA Version 1.5
Microsoft PlaysForSure® Protected Content Version 2.20
Supported Video Formats WMV9, MPEG1, MPEG2-PS, MPEG2-TS, MPEG4 (SP/ASP), MPEG4 (H.264/AVC)
Supported Audio Formats WMA9, MP3, Linear PCM (WAV), HE-AAC, MPEG-4 AAC
Supported Photo Formats JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
Slide Show Effect 8 Patterns
Video Processing Technology
DRE Picture Off / High / Mid / Low
Black Level Off / On
ACL Off / On
Enhance Mode 1 / 2 / 3
Gamma 1 / 2 / 3
Color Temperature Adjustment 5 Settings (Off / Mid-High / Mid / Mid-Low / Low)
CTI - Color Transient Improver Yes
Color Temperature Manual Adjustment Y
Color Management Y
Color Space 1 / 2
3D Digital Noise Reduction 4 Settings (Off / High / Mid / Low)
Field Noise Reduction 4 Settings (Off / High / Mid / Low)
Block Noise Reduction Off / On
Mosquito Noise Reduction Off / On
Tuner Noise Reduction Off / On (for each channel)
3 DYC 4 Settings (Off / High / Mid / Low)
I-P Mode 1 / 2 / 3
Video & Audio Inputs
Independent HDMI 1.3 4 (with Deep Color Support)
HDMI Inputs - Ability To Accept 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p (24/60 Hz) Signals Y
Component 1
Composite 3
S-Video 1
USB (Mass Storage Class) Y
LAN (10/100 Base-T Ethernet) Y
Video & Audio Outputs
Optical Digital Audio (Dolby® Digital/PCM) Y
Audio LR Y
Subwoofer Y
IR Repeater Y
Headphone Y
Speaker Out Y
Audio Technology
New 18-Watt Stereo Digital Amplifier w/TruBass 2-Way Stereo Speakers Y
Sound Effect Y
SRS Off / Low / Mid / High
SRS Focus Off / Low / Mid / High
SRS TruBass Off / Low / Mid / High
SRS Definition Off / Low / Mid / High
Auto Volume Control Off / On
Synchronized with Optimum Mode Y
Surround Effect with Headphone Out Y
Sound Setting Memory (Per A/V Mode, Per Input) Y
New Audio LSI Y
Audio Output 18W+18W
Carton Dimensions 62-3/4” x 46” x 15-3/4” (W x H x D)
Carton Weight 168 lbs.
Panel without Speaker 57-11/16” x 34-1/2” x 3-21/32” (W x H x D)
Panel (w/detachable side speakers) 66-1/32” x 34-1/2” x 3-21/32” (W x H x D)
Panel Weight 112 lbs. 4 oz.
Panel Weight (w/detachable side speakers & stand) 135 lbs. 1 oz.