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Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD Review

It's hard to imagine that television picture quality is going to get any better than this. In 1080i and 1080p the Pioneer 6010FD performed almost flawlessly with stunning clarity, deep rich blacks, vibrant but not oversaturated colors. The post calibrated picture will seem at first softer than normal but you the viewer will enjoy the picture much more over time (and you wont get a headache from all the false edge enhancement). Read the full KURO PDP-6010FD review

Pioneer KURO PDP-6010FD Review

Price Considerations: $3999 is hefty for a 50" flat screen television these days. Of course, it has the highest super HDTV resolution 1080p. It has a fantastic, thus far unparalleled picture.

Quality Comparison: The only true competition is Panasonic’s and Samsung's top tier plasma products along with possibly the Sony XBR4 and 5 series LCD. However, in my opinion this Pioneer outperforms them all. Read the full KURO PDP-5010FD Review

Pioneer KURO PDP-5080HD Review

The Pioneer PDP-5080HD hits the market in late summer 2007 to ready acceptance from the flat panel TV marketplace. Improvements over the previous PDP-5070HD include a dramatically improved black level and minor improvements in brightness. Other more minor improvements include 4 HDMI inputs rather than 2. Pioneer continues to market to the home theater afficianado and high end A/V market and focus it's engineering dollars and attention on plasma technology. Read the full KURO PDP-5080 Review

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