The VIERA S1 Plasma series offers a broad range of HDTVs which also represent the first VIERA plasma series to feature the new NEO PDP designs. Key features of the S1 series include Full-Time 1080 TV lines of motion resolution, which eliminate traditional HDTV motion blur. The S1 series also feature THX certified displays together with VIERA Image Viewer. Other features include 1080p resolution; a native contrast ratio of 40,000:1; an Infinite Black panel; 600Hz Sub-field Drive; and a Game Mode. The S1 series will compliment the V10 65" screen size with its own 65-inch class (64.7" measured diagonally) product. Other S1 sizes include a 58-inch class (58" measured diagonally), a 54-inch class (54" measured diagonally), a 50-inch class (49.9" measured diagonally), a 46-inch class (46" measured diagonally), and a 42-inch class (41.6" measured diagonally). The 42-inch, 46-inch and 50-inch HDTVs will be available in March 2009 while the 54-inch will be available in the summer of 2009.

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