Panasonic TC-P65VT50 Calibrated Picture Settings (also, TC-P55VT50)

Calibrating the Panasonic VT50 Series TV
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Calibration Notes and Processing Testing: The VT50 series has a full array of calibration options for ISF calibration in including an ISFccc Calibration Mode, Luminance adjustment control for Cyan, Magenta, yellow. It's as complete as a TV can get in this area. However, the menu system for calibration could use some improvement. In the CMS (color management system) to adjust red hue, saturation, and luminance, you have to exit out each time and go through the main menu navigation again from the start. The whole system makes it very difficult to take measurements, due in part to the menu popping up in front of the display that's being read. This just makes it a pain, but of course does not affect quality. Our recommended settings below will be best suited to a mid to fairly high brightness room. For lower light conditions, turn the contrast down to 90, or use the THX setting (which was better than expected). The THX bright room setting is also quite good.

Software used for calibration: Spectracal CalMAN Pro V4.6.3
Source Generator: Sencore VP403
Meter: Sencore OTC1000
Reference Metere: i1Pro

Pro Settings (using 2-point White Balance)
Color Space: Wide
W/B high R: +4
W/B high G: +4
W/B high B: +6
W/B low R: -5
W/B low G: -9
W/B low B: -6
Black Extension: default
Gamma Adjustment 2.6
Panel Brightness Default
Contour Emphasis Default
AGC Default
Gamma detail adj. Default
Post Calibration Settings:
Picture Mode Custom
Contract: +100
Brightness: +71
Color: +50
Tine: +0
Sharpness: +32
Color Temp.: WARM 2
Color mgmt.: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off
Advanced Picture
Mosquito NR Off
Motion Smoother Medium
1080p ure direct Off
Black level light

Note:W/B detail adjust could not be updated given current menu system; not compatible using CalMan software.

Measured Contrast (with OTC1000)
100 IRE (Y): 42.2871
0 IRE (Y) 0.063
RATIO (x:1) 718.8429

Pre-Calibration Snapshot of the readings from the VT50.

Post-Calibration Snapshot of the readings from the VT50.