TC-P50UT50 Picture Settings and Calibrations - TC-P42UT50, TC-P55UT50, TC-P60GT50

Calibrating the Panasonic UT50 Series TV

Calibration Notes: First off, note that this is not an extremely easy TV model to calibrate. It takes some time and work as colors are somewhat inaccurate/erratic. Follow our picture settings below for a pleasant surprise in how this TV can make a picture pop. Reds may at times appear a little over saturated, but it's better than under-saturated. Note: Ramping (read pumping or juicing) the phosphors like we recommend may slightly decrease their time to half life.

Picture Mode: You must be in the Custom Mode to make the following adjustments. These Pro Settings may not be adjusted in the other Picture modes.

Picture Mode: Custom
Contrast: 79
Brightness: 63
Color: 49
Sharpness: 15
Tint: 0
Color Temp: Warm 2
Mosquito NR: OFF
Motion Smoother: OFF
Black Level: Light
24P Direct In: 60Hz