Panasonic TC-P60ZT60 vs TC-P60VT60 (TC-P65ZT60 vs TC-P65VT60)

The TC-P60ZT60 and TC-P60VT60 are the top tier Panasonic plasma models and have many of the same upgrades for 2013 such as the new 3000 focus field drive which relates to speed of processing and viewing fast action, as well as THX certification and picture modes for both 2D and 3D programming. The THX picture mode settings are certainly worth having in lieu of good calibration settings (see ours when we get them posted). Lastly, both models contain the Touch Pad controller with voice interaction, ISFccc calibration compatibility, and the glass and metal design.

Panasonic TC-P65ZT60
Colors here are bright and realistic. Brightness has not always been a strong point for plasma TVs, but in the ZT60 we have seen improvements. Also take note of the built-in camera sitting atop the screen

Here are the primary differences:
TC-P60ZT60 and TC-P65ZT60 premier Reference model has Studio Master Panel which contains a new technological improvement in its image driving method due to the newly designed panel structure. The front glass is directly attached to the Plasma panel itself. As a result of the improvement, dim and double images are cut off by eliminating the air gap layer between the front glass and Plasma panel.

The TCP60VT60 has the Infinite Black Ultra Panel from the VT50 from 2012 which has exceptional black levels but not as good as the ZT60.

The second difference is the one smooth sheet of glass front screen effect of the ZT60. Call it seamless, while there is a differentiating frame bezel in the VT60.

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