Panasonic TCP60S30 Price

Panasonic TC-P60S30 Review

60" VIERA 3D Plasma TV

The replacement for the ever popular 1080p S2 series from last years batch of Panasonic plasma offerings is the S30 series. The main upgrade from last year is that this plasma uses the same new phosphor technologies used in the higher end 3D compatible models.

The new fast switching phospor technology is mainly to help with fast processing needs related to 3D viewing, but it should help slighly on normal 2D viewing as well.

Picture and Viewing Feaures

The TC-P60S30 uses the Infinite Black panel, we noted it's impressive brightness and saturated colors in our reviews last year and for the most part found it to have excellent picture quality. All of Panasonic's 3D plasmas feature Full HD 3D sending all 1080 lines of resolution to each eye as a product of the 600Hz sub field drive.


The TC-PS30 series continues with the same large bezel 3" depth clunky appearance as the S2. The bezel frame is about 2.5" in width in gloss black.

The S30 will sell at extremely attractive price points, taking on all comers in the value category for those that are not concerned with 3D compatibility, sleek appearance, or Internet TV connectivity.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

The S30 does not have Internet Connectivity


  • Screen size: 60"
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1920 x 1080
  • Progressive features: 3D, Wi-Fi ready (with optional adaptor)
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI (best audio/video inputs) / RCA audio/video / component video / 2 USB
  • Audio enhancements: surround output capable
  • Built in speakers: 2 x 20W
  • Mounting options: pedestal stand
  • Remote control included
  • 600 Hz Sub-field Drive
  • Deep Color / x.v.Color
  • 24p cinematic playback
  • VIERA Link / Easy IPTV/ VIERA Tools / DLNA
  • Pixel orbiter (anti-image retention)
  • Game mode
  • Audio return channel
  • Deep Color
  • Power supply: AC 120, 60Hz
  • Safety standard: UL6500/C-UL
  • Tuners: ATSC / NTSC / QAM