Panasonic TC-P55VT60 vs TC-P55ST60 (TC-P60VT60 vs TC-P60ST60)

There are many notable differences between the TC-P55VT60 and. TC-P55ST60 series from Panasonic. The VT60 is the second tier model, the ST60 the 3rd. There is no GT series for 2013.

1) Appearance is the first notable difference. The ST60 does not have the upgraded glass and metal design of the VT60 (and ZT60). It's a fairly plain looking plasma with black gloss frame that has clear acrylic sticking out from the sides. The glass and metal design of the VT60 is just that, a metal frame and lots of glass along with the V-shaped cool looking stand.

2) The panel in the ST60 is the Infinite Black Pro while the VT60 has the louvered filter panel called the Infinite Black Ultra panel. It should provide better black levels and less reflection from the screen.

3) The Touch Pad controller with voice interaction is included in the VT60 while it's not in the ST60. It primarily helps with browsing speed.

Panasonic TC-P65VT60 Touch Pad Controller
The included Touch Pad Controller is most useful for speeding up web browsing, but doesn't really help navigation through the Viera Connect platform. A mic button located at the top-left of the controller makes it easy to access the new voice recognition controls

4) Due to the differences in the panels, the VT60 has the 3000 focus field drive whereas the ST60 has the 2500 FFD. This should translate to better fast action imagery, but I do not see that as a weakness in the ST60's 2500 FFD.

5) The VT60 is THX certified for 2D and 3D and has the preset THX picture mode options which are nice to have. The 55ST60 has active 3D of course but no THX certification.

6) Lastly, The VT60 has ISFccc Calibration mode options while the ST60 does not. This primarily helps calibrators dial in perfect calibration on the VT60 through CalMan pro software (which we also use).

The ST60 is also produced in a 50 inch model and both series have a 65 inch model.

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