Panasonic TC-P55S60 vs. TC-P55ST60 (TC-P50S60 vs. TC-P50ST60)

There are several notable differences between the TC-P55S60 and the TC-P55ST60, actually a pretty wide chasm in terms of quality. Both are 1080p.

  1. The ST60 has active 3D capability while the S60 does not.
  2. The ST60 has a very high end panel the Infinite Black Pro, while the S60 has something more basic.
  3. The 50ST60 has Smart TV Internet full function, web browser, Swipe and Share function. The S60 has a limited online movie feature rather than Web Connect options and no web browser.
  4. Due to the upgraded panel in the ST60 it has 2500 focus field drive for fast motion, while the S60 has the 600Hz subfield drive. Actually, either are fine for fast action in our view.
  5. There are 3 HDMI connections in the ST60 and 2 HDMI inputs in the S60.
  6. The S60 design is more basic than the ST60
  7. There are much better calibration controls and options in the 50ST60 and 55ST60
Panasonic TC-P55ST60
The ST60 is an excellent performer when it comes to color reproduction. Some of the other notable picture qualities are depth and contrast. Notice the silver trim running around that entire frame of the TV

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November 2015
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