Panasonic TC-P50XT50 Review

50" 720p 3D Plasma HDTV

Panasonic TC-P50XT50With the XT50 line of plasma televisions Panasonic is bringing out an affordable line of 720p 3D plasma televisions. The TC-P50XT50 doesn't have many bells and whistles and is not full HD resolution but it puts 3D and plasma picture quality into a very low price bracket.

Picture and Viewing Feaures

At 720p the XT50 doesn't have full HD resolution but for a lot of programming this isn't really an issue. With cable and satelite most programming is still 720p or 1080i and not 1080p. Most video games also have a native resolution no higher than 720p. With Blu-Rays and other 1080p programming the television will have to downscale the source material.

Standard definition programming looks good on this TV. It does a very nice job of maintaining color rendition even with lower signals and the aspect ratio adjustments for proper sizing are also stellar. There are some motion artifacts to contend with, but overall this TV still delivers a sound picture.

3D Performance

The TC-P50XT50 uses active 3D and delivers 720 line of vertical resolution to each eye. It isn't full HD 3D but it is still higher resolution than passive 3D on a 1080p TV. The XT50 shows good detail and little crosstalk when viewing 3D material.

Black Level And Contrast

Black levels and contrast on the TC-P50XT50 are not as strong as the higher end plasma models but the black performance of this television is still excellent when compared to budget priced LCD and LED televisions.

Side Angle Viewing

Like all plasmas the XT50's picture retains full contrast all the way out the edge of viewable angles.

Sound Quality

Panasonic continues to do well with their onboard speaker systems, dialog is clear and sound is fuller than it is on many more expensive models.