Panasonic TC-P50S30 Review - Page 2

Value Rating: 8/10

As with the S2 series Panasonic last year this is a hyper value oriented plasma TV aimed at those that want solid picture performance with some limited Internet options. Interested buyers will not care about future-proofing for 3D TV expansion, cooler/newer Internet Apps options, or Wifi connectivity. How does $989 sound? It's a value oriented price point for this quality of picture and an average deal for the features set. Competition comes from the Samsung PN51C550, and the LG 50PZ750 as well as some new LED backed LCDs such as the Sharp LC-52LE830U.

Overall Rating: 7.75/10

Calibration Notes: Our calibrated picture settings can bring this TV to life and make it surpass most on the road. Reds appear slightly oversaturated at times but we prefer this to the very color deflated picture with the THX, Standard or Cinema mode settings - and you will to. Give them a shot. Follow our picture settings closely:

Picture Mode: You must be in the Custom Mode to make the following adjustments. Pro Setting may not be adjusted in the other Picture modes.

Picture Mode: Custom
Contrast: 69
Brightness: 59
Color: 47
Sharpness: 12
Tint: 0
Color Temp: Warm 2
Black Level: Light
24P Direct in: 60Hz

Processor Testing: Processor testing in the S30 yielded an average result. There was judder in testing and a good bit of flicker in the Film Resolution Loss test, which tests how well the TV shows patterns when motion is introduced.

HQV Video Board Processing Tests

With 480i Input

Jaggies 1: Good result
Jaggies 2: Average

Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction: Average
Film Detail Test Race Car/Stadium Seating: Pass

Film based Pulldown Cadence tests (applicable to DVDs)
Cadence 2-2 30fps: Average
Cadence 3-2: Average result

With 1080p HD Input

Jaggies 1: Average to Good result
Jaggies 2: Good

Video Resolution Loss Test: Good
Film Resolution Loss Test: Average to Poor Result. Wobble/unstable

HD Background: Good
Stadium Seating Test with Moire: Average to Good result


  • Screen size:50" (49.9" diagonal)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1920 x 1080
  • Progressive features: 3D, Wi-Fi ready (with optional adaptor)
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI (best audio/video inputs) / RCA audio/video / component video / 2 USB
  • Audio enhancements: surround output capable
  • Built in speakers: 2 x 20W
  • Mounting options: pedestal stand
  • Remote control included
  • 600 Hz Sub-field Drive
  • Deep Color / x.v.Color
  • 24p cinematic playback
  • VIERA Link / Easy IPTV/ VIERA Tools / DLNA
  • Pixel orbiter (anti-image retention)
  • Game mode
  • Audio return channel
  • Deep Color
  • Power supply: AC 120, 60Hz
  • Safety standard: UL6500/C-UL
  • Tuners: ATSC / NTSC / QAM
  • Dimensions: 47.4" W x 29.3" H x 2.8" D (without stand) / 47.4" W x 30.7" H x 12.8" D (with stand)
  • Weight: 54 lbs. (without stand) / 62.9 lbs. (with stand)