Panasonic Viera TC-P50G20 1080p 600Hz Plasma TV

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The Viera G20 series of plasma for 2010 uses Panasonics NeoPDP Infinite Black panel. We were impressed with last year's NeoPDP panel in the G10 plasmas and the new series offers improved picture with even deeper black levels. The G20 plasmas are THX Certified displays and offer the THX Movie Mode feature that will set your TV for optimum color and contrast when watching your favorite movies.

Panasonic's Viera Cast also returns with new additions. The built in ethernet port allow instant access to content such as Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Skype video calling and conferencing, Bloomberg News Service, YouTube, Twitter and more. Viera Link allows for similarly equipped items to communicate and integrate into a home entertainment hub with added features.

4 HDMI Inputs, 2 USB Ports, PC Input and RS232C give plenty of connection options and Viera Image Viewer allows for easy viewing of still images and HD video from an SD memory card.

We discovered from Panasonic's tech staff that there is a subtle new anti-glare technology on the G-series Panasonic plasma models. While they are concentrating on still delivering superior black levels than LCD TVs, they have improved the glare reflection substantially over the past two years. We'll be interested to note the new differences in this anti glare technology upon further review of this years models. These Panasonic TVs are obtaining more and more LCD TV strengths such as anti glare and brighter panels, while still attempting to remain superior in black levels, viewing angles and processing (frame rate) speeds.

Panasonic was quick to point out its new energy savings technology to us at CES 2010 which they stated was 40% more efficient. This is due in large part due to their new NEO PDP (plasma display panel) factory in Nagasaki Japan. The new NEO PDP panel design allows for major savings on the power supply inside the plasma panel. A smaller power supply helps in two ways, first it's one of the most expensive components in a plasma panel and thus costs have been significantly reduced by accomplishing a smaller supply. Second, the smaller supply helps with reducing the wattage intake of the TV, reducing your power bill. Panasonic states that the new NEO PDP panel plasma models are 40% more efficient.

Are plasma TVs now as energy efficient as LCD TVs? No, LCD on average still uses less power. Panasonic was quick to point out the difference in savings however at around $1 to $2 per month in energy savings. They posed the question, "How many hundreds of dollars more is the consumer willing to pay for this kind of savings (in an LCD)?"

We've noticed Panasonic plasma TVs improving the brightness of its TVs over the past couple of years. Apparently, 2010 will continue this trend as Panasonic is still gaining on LCD technology in the brightness area. Panasonic representatives explained that 2010 model will be still brighter than 2009 models with the new NEO PDP while still going for a deeper black dimension.

Panasonic did not appear to concentrate on the super thin TV presentation at CES 2010 as did many of the LCD manufacturers. Though we did not measure depth in the new Pansonic lineup it looked to be about the same as 2009 on the series at around a 3.5" depth. Panasonic stated that it was not a big focus this year. This will likely translate to very attractive price points on the 2010 Panasonic plasma models.

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