Panasonic Viera TC-P42X1

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OK, now we're talking value. Though it costs manufacturers a bit more to make the higher resolution panels for 1080p resolution, most of the cost increase passed through at retail is markup. It's a higher end feature that on need not necessarily pay for as we have said repeatedly.

Thankfully Panasonic has decided to offer a couple of plasma models in 720p resolution. Since 95% of your high definition viewing is going to be in 1080i or 720p, you still get the maximum high definition quality from a 720p panel 95% of the time!! And even the other 5% of the time we dare you to tell the difference.

This plasma still has the touted 600Hz sub-field drive for increased focus. It has a Viera Link for compatible home entertainment components such as camcorders or digital cameras. It contains an excellent native contrast ratio of 30,000:1 with Infinite Blacks and it has a Gaming Mode.

While it does not have the new Viera Cast feature, or the new Neo 1080p plasma display panel it does have Panasonic's excellent picture quality and black levels. I predict it will be a great seller with a smoking price. It's available February of 2009 so we'll soon see.


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