Panasonic TC-P55ST50 Picture Settings and Calibrations - TC-P50ST50, TC-P60ST50, TC-P65ST50

Calibrating the Panasonic ST50 Series TV

Calibration Notes and Processing Testing: The TC-55ST50 has a very complete calibration setting options including 2-point or 10-point white balance settings. Below are the settings we recommend for this and all of the ST50 series. These will be best for medium brightness rooms with some incoming light from windows. In a lower light environment turn the contrast setting down to 90. There are no THX preset picture modes included on the ST50 series. The ST50 series calibrated well to D6500K but the menu system could be improved upon.

Software used for calibration: Spectracal CalMAN Pro V4.6.3
Source Generator: Sencore VP403
Meter: Sencore OTC1000
Reference Metere: i1Pro

Pro Settings (using 2-point White Balance)
Color Space: Wide
W/B high R: +4
W/B high G: +4
W/B high B: +6
W/B low R: -5
W/B low G: -9
W/B low B: -6
Black Extension: default
Gamma Adjustment 2.6
Panel Brightness Default
Contour Emphasis Default
AGC Default
Gamma detail adj. Default
Post Calibration Settings:
Picture Mode Custom
Contract: +100
Brightness: +71
Color: +50
Tine: +0
Sharpness: +32
Color Temp.: WARM 2
Color mgmt.: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off
Advanced Picture
Mosquito NR Off
Motion Smoother Medium
1080p ure direct Off
Black level light

Pre-Calibration Snapshot of the readings from the ST50.

Post-Calibration Snapshot of the readings from the ST50.