Panasonic TC-P50S60 Calibration and Picture Settings (TC-P55S60, TC-P42S60, TC-P60S60, TC-P65S60)

Plasma HDTV Smart TV

S60 Calibration Notes: The Cinema picture mode setting gets you fairly close to to calibrated before beginning and is our preferred preset mode. Starting there, following is a simple calibration based on Color Management System adjustment. However, since lower quality components (video boards and processors) are used on lower tier TV models, we recommend individual calibration of the TV. This is also our reason for not posting a 10 pt. Grayscale calibration.

Panasonic S60 Calibrations and Picture Settings
A television in the process of being calibrated before we begin our review.

Post Calibration Picture Settings

Picture Mode Cinema
Contrast 81
Brightness 0
Color 52
Tint 0
Sharpness 0
Color Temp Warm2
Vivid Color Off
Video NR Off

PRO Settings

Panel Brightness Low
Black Extension 0
Color Gamut Normal

Advanced Picture Settings

Game Mode Off (On when Gaming)
24p Direct in 60Hz
Black Level Light

If you would like to try our more advanced 10 point calibration for the ST60 click Panasonic ST60 Picture Settings.

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