Panasonic GT50 Series Feature Review

TC-P65GT50, TC-P60GT50, TC-P55GT50, TC-P50GT50

by Robert Wiley

Infinite Black Pro

This is Panasonic's latest and greatest Plasma HDTV panel for only its top end TVs. This panel has a new cell structure for more complete screen coverage and less "ribbing" between color phosphors

THX Certification 2D and 3D

THX certification is a feature of this TV. This is somewhat of a good housekeeping seal of approval of color and picture performance for the TV. Though some TVs also come with THX preset picture settings in the TV, we usually find them only good for a very dark room environment.

VIERA Connect

Panasonics Internet Connected Features are called Viera Connect and are much improved for 2012. They include all the must-have Apps and then some like: Netflix™, Amazon Instant Video™, YouTube™, Pandora®, Twitter, Facebook, Bloomberg News, AP, Wall Street Journal, Accuweather® , Skype™, Wealth TV, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus™, sports sites Fox Sports, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS(2) ,BodyMedia and Withings.

There is also a new App for Social Networking TV that allows interaction with Facebook and Twitter.

VIERA Connect also includes an optional remote control application whereby users can utilize an ipad, iphone or similar device to control the TV and Viera Connect options.

Cloud Based VIERA Connect Storage

The new cloud based IPTV technology allows storage of all VIERA Connect Apps via the "cloud." This increases load time and scrolling speeds between Apps. IT also allows for immediate updates to new Apps choices without having to download the Apps to the TVs internal memory.

Web Browser

The GT50 has a built in Web browser that goes along with the Viera Connect Suite for access to all the Internet.

Social Networking TV and Multitasking

New application in some of the Smart VIERA TVs that includes Twitter and Facebook. Multitasking allows view of some of the VIERA Connect social networking features while watching TV.

Skype Compatible

Skype is an option for this Panasonic HDTV with an accessory camera that fits onto the top of the television. The part # is (TY-CC20W).

Built-In Wifi

There is no optional accessory needed for Wifi access. It's built in the TV.

Active 3D

The GT50 Series has active 3D compatible with any Bluetooth compatible 3D from Panasonic.

2D to 3D Conversion

Converts regular 2D content into 3D imagery when using compatible active 3D glasses

2500 FFD

This specification is there to state the 2500 focus field drive is faster than the 600Hz Sub Field Drive of past plasmas. This is due to fast switching phosphors.

Viera Link

Allows connectedness between other VIERA products from Panasonic using one remote control including cameras, camcorders, home theaters or blu-ray players.

3D Real Sound

A new technology from Panasonic that focuses sound volume from the middle of the screen rather than bottom.


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September 2015
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