LG 60PZ850 Review

60" 1080p LG Infinia 3D Plasma TV

Picture and Viewing Feaures

LG's top end plasma offering offers 3D compatibility, the new Pentouch touch screen feature and has gone the extra mile to get the THX certification on the 3D portion of the TV. Whether the THX certification is worth the extra cost to LG is a matter of debate. THX makes the following claim regarding the company's certification of 3D, "THX engineers perform more than 400 laboratory tests to evaluate color, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance for both Left and Right eye images. This testing ensures that every THX Certified Display presents consistent stereoscopic images, which is critical for maintaining the 3D effect and minimizing sources of viewer fatigue".

Black levels should be very impressive on the 60PZ850 if it contains the new LG TruBlack feature.There is understandably a lot of focus put on black levels with these higher end plasma 3D TVs. Plasma technology is generally better for displaying 3D content. The plasma panel is clear and with exceptional viewing angles. On screen glare will be something we pay particular attention to.

One other area of intrigue is the 2D to 3D conversion feature which was also present on the predecessor PX850. We must assume this feature has been improved after initially mediocre performance.


The PZ850 had the most fantastic standout looks of all the LG TVs save for maybe the PZ9700 LED. It has a new bezel framing design of a brushed chrome color that is very attractive and the included stand and framing bezel look unlike anything else on the market today.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

LG is renaming its Internet Apps this year from "Netcast Entertainment" to "SmartTV." There is a simple dashboard contained on the TV menu screen allowing for selection of TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps, and a Launch Bar. The LG 62PZ850 series has LGs new Smart TV Internet TV features meaning that will be able to access all of LG's Internet Apps. Some of the highlighted Internet TV providers are Netflix, Vudu, Cinema Now, You Tube, Hulu Plus. But in addition this year it looks like there will be several partners in the sports industry to stream live sports programming, allowing viewers to follow their favorite teams, stream in HD quality broadcasts, and generally be able to tailor their sports viewing more to their own preferences. More options equal more satisfaction right?

Standout Features

Pentouch TV is a feature specification from LG Electronics that describes that enable users of TVs with this this feature to be able to interact with the TV directly on the screen via an included proprietary stylus. The screen is touch sensitive to the stylus only. It does not work with your finger like an iPad. Users can access files from a PC or laptop and work on them with the stylus. There are a suite of software programs included in the LG model numbers that have this feature. This software suite allows users to access and interact with the Internet, keep a calendar and other features. As well, users can draw, share or print images that are drawn with the stylus.

LG's new SmartTV feature looks promising. It contains a web browser so that users can access the Internet directly through the TV. The browser is not the Google TV chrome browser you have probably read about. This is a web kit browser, but still I like having access to the Internet. THX certification while we are not fans does at least vie for a quality picture capability. We would not base a rating on it though.

The framing bezel design is super.

Wifi Ready

THX Certified for 3D display

2D to 3D Conversion – we didnt see much of this we liked but it's nice to know your TV is up to date.

Another new feature is for the 62PZ850 is the ability to share information from a PC or Laptop via the wireless Smart Share system. Wireless is the key operative here, making displaying information from your Laptop so much easier.

My favorite new feature this year is the Magic Wand "Mobile Remote". This new remote feature offers a motion controlled cursor which follows hand movement. Once the cursor is on the wanted selection click the remote to select that option. It's a convenient point and click system. It works very effectively with the new SmartTV Internet TV options and you can even pull up a QWERTY keyboard option on the screen for search and browsing purposes.

There is a QWERTY keyboard option available for download to iPhones or Android application smart phones.


4 or more HDMI inputs should be plenty on any TV. 1 Component video input should be sufficient for your favorite older DVD player. USB 2.0 for access to digital music and photos (MP3, JPEG). ISFccc Ready.