LG 60PM6700 Review

60" 3D Plasma HDTV with Smart TV

New for 2012, LG 60PM6700 is the second from the top tier in LG plasma televisions. It is a 1080p 3D plasma panel with access to LG's Smart TV features.

Picture and Viewing Feaures

LG 60PM6700LG's 2012 plasma televisions have significantly improved picture quality over past models, the PM6700 has a new black filter that increases contrast and black level over previous models. Improved black levels and contrast also mean improved color performance and detail in dark and low lit scenes.

Matte Screen

LG's 2012 plasmas have a new matte screen that cuts down on glare, this is a fairly common feature in LCD and LED televisions but it is rare to see on a plasma. Matte screens often interfere with the depth of a picture but on the 60PM6700 we didn't notice this detrimental effect.

3D Viewing

The active 3D on the 60PM6700 has loads of detail since it is showing 1080p to each eye, twice as much as a passive 3D television of the same resolution. With 3D content images appear to jump out of the screen or sink deep into it providing for a very immersive experience. We noticed little crosstalk or blurring on the PM6700.


With it's slightly rounded edges and slim black bezel the 60PM6700 is definitely an attractive television. The matte screen is not what we are used to seeing on a plasma but this is a very good looking television.

Internet Applications and Connectivity

The Smart TV dashboard contained on the TV menu screen allowing for selection of TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps, and a Launch Bar. The LG PM6700 series has LGs new Smart TV Internet TV features meaning that will be able to access all of LG's Internet Apps. Some of the highlighted Internet TV providers are Netflix, Vudu, Cinema Now, You Tube, Hulu Plus. But in addition this year it looks like there will be several partners in the sports industry to stream live sports programming, allowing viewers to follow their favorite teams, stream in HD quality broadcasts, and generally be able to tailor their sports viewing more to their own preferences. More options equal more satisfaction right?

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