LG 60PK550 Review


LG 60PK550 Review

Model: LG 60PK550
Description: 60" HD Plasma TV
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Power Consumption: Not Listed
Summer 2010

LG 60PK550 Review
This HD shot from Blue Planet shows off the PK550's excellent depth presentation

The 60PK550 is a middle tier 2010 plasma TV offering from LG that includes some nice features and calibration options while leaving off Internet connectivity, 3D compatibility and the best video processing. This TV is best used in a dark or controlled light room environment allowing the black levels and depth of picture experience shine. Screen glare will be an issue in rooms with more ambient light.


  • Black Levels in a dark room
  • Calibration Controls
  • Picture Depth
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Remote Control and Menu
  • Audio output and Quality


  • Color Shift in White and Light Colors
  • Screen Glare (low anti glare features)
  • Processing Average (C+)
  • Edges can seem soft/blurred

Price is a possible reason to purchase this TV. If you want good, sleek looks, and some exceptional value in the menu system and remote control in a 60" TV and are not bothered by screen glare and have a dark controlled light room environment, then the $1900 average price for the LG 60PK550 might be your workhorse. In fact, LG has the best price for the 60" size range in the marketplace. Competition comes from the Samsung PN58C6500 and the Panasonic TC-P58S2 which both give up 2", yield a better picture. Plasma TVs generally represent much better value in the 50 to 60" range than do LCD/LED TVs.

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