LG 60PH6700 Review

60 inch 3D Plasma HDTV

This is the only plasma TV in the 2013/2014 lineup that has a fully loaded feature set. The 60PH6700, only available in the 60 inch size, has all of the Smart TV features, 3D playback, voice controls, and the Magic Remote. Judging by the PM6700 of last year, the PH6700 is going to be a solid choice if LCD is an undesirable option. After all, the 60PH6700 offers some of the best picture quality you can find in a TV this size.

Side Viewing Angles

Side viewing angles in plasmas have absolutely no degradation of color or contrast. You might even say it is perfect. This quality is something LED/LCD TVs have been striving for for years. They are getting better, but plasma hasn't been beat yet. The PH6700 shows just as strong viewing angles.

3D Performance

This will be the only 3D enabled plasma TV from LG this year. 3D performance has always been strong on LGs so expect to see phenomenal 3D effects here too. The depth of 3D images has always impressed us while reviewing these plasmas.


LG uses the Hair Line design on the 60PH6700. Think of it as an equivalent of the Cinema Screen design on the LED line up. This creates invisible bezels, an extremely thin profile, and a new stand design that furthers the look of a floating picture.

Internet and Smart TV Features

Smart TV

The Smart TV platform is present in full form on the 60PH6700. An updated dashboard gives you access to all the most sought after apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go. My Interest cards are new, and allow users to customize what kind of content to display on them. There is also a new recommendation feature that makes it easy for viewers to find a program or video to watch online or from live broadcasts.

Magic Remote Included

The Magic Remote we are so fond of makes a return this year. The PH6700 is the only plasma TV that takes advantage though. It has been given a few tweaks and updates to further the overall functionality of the device. The most important improvement is the addition of voice control. LG is really pushing this feature by making it incredibly easy to find content you are looking for through the voice function.

Processing Power

The 60PH6700 boasts a dual core processor and an enhance graphics processing unit for an advanced user experience when it comes to the Smart TV suite. The new processor boosts loading times and menu navigation by an impressive 130% while the new GPU speeds up the process of rendering images by an astounding 300%. We are very impressed.