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LG's new plasmas are embracing a slim, new design. At around 2" deep they are 37% thinner than last year's plasmas. THis also resulted in a dramatic drop in weight, some of the larger sizes are 40% lighter than the previous models. The single layer construction provides a modern look with the front glass stretching out to the edges of screen.

The PK950 series plasma are THX certified and use LG's "Skin Glass" system to both protect the panel and reduce internal reflections by reducing the distance from the outer glass to the TruBlack filter by 70%. LG metions these plasma have a 600Hz Sub Field drive, really this is just a marketing term built around plasmas inherent resistance to motion lag. With LCD manufacturers talking about higher and higher Hz rates to reduce motion lag the plasma manufacturers had to come up with something more interesting than "plasmas don't have motion lag".

The PK950 series can access LG's Netcast service using the built in ethernet or an optional USB wireless adapter. The NetCast service features NetFlix, VUDU video on demand, Skype video calling and conferencing, YouTube video, Napster and more. All LG plasmas are DLNA compatible as well. HD is wireless too with the PK950, using the wireless HD hub 1080p video can be transmitted to the TV from up to 98 feet away eliminating the need to run more than the power cable to the TV, this is especially convenient for all mounting.

Finally the PK950 features LG's new magic wand remote that allows uses to control TV functions with gestures similar to the nintendo Wii. We didn't get to try this out at CES so we are looking forward to reviewing the PK950 to see just how this works.

-Phil Conner

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