LG 42PN4500 Review

42 inch 720p Plasma TV

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LG 42PN4500 Specifications

The 42PN4500 is the smallest of all the plasma TVs LG will release this year. In total there are only 5 sets being released. This one is the solution for the plasma enthusiast that needs a set in an extra bedroom or spare room. The only feature it can really boast about are perfect side viewing angles, 720p resolution, and a high refresh rate that plasma is known for. When it comes to budget models, this one is going to take the cake since it is on the bottom of the totem pole. It may not have all of the bells and whistles of the PH6700, but it is a solid deal.

720p HD Resolution

LG 42PN4500

Most of the TVs from LG's 2013 lineup have 1080p displays. The 42PN4500 only has 720p, but don't let that make you think its not worth looking at. In fact, this makes it a true budget option. Most of the over-the-air broadcasts, cable TV programming, and video games are still offered at a native signal of 720p. So you are truly going to using the TV at its full potential. Higher def broadcasts are on the horizon, but for the time being 720p is all you need to make the most of it. Plus, the picture still looks good.


The 42PN4500 is not really going to be a solid competitor when it comes to dedicated gaming TVs. Better examples are seen in the higher end plasmas and LEDs from LG that have dual core processors as well as enhanced GPUs capable of handling the input and on-screen information properly.

Side Angle Viewing

There should be no worries about where you sit when watching a plasma TV. Side angle viewing has not been a problem with plasmas like it has been with LCDs and LEDs of the past. The viewing angle is pretty perfect in fact. This can be a make or break feature when it comes to choosing the right set. The 42PN4500 does not disappoint in this area.

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