Amazon leads the way in TV selection; One of the best in market; Offers Kindle as #1 product

by Phil Conner
Winter 2010 often has one of the best selections of TVs in the market. The company famous for the Amazon Kindle eReader, is also a great place to shop for TVs of all sizes and technologies. The Amazon web site has the convenient search tool to easily access TV categories by either by specific model number or by brand and size. For instance, you can just type in Sony 46" TV and see the options Amazon offers or you could type in Sony KDL-46EX710 and see the option for that product come up first in the list of options. Then click on the product page to see the TV.

Amazon TVUsually the Amazon site gives users options in new or used products. Personally, I would not suggest purchasing a used TV from anyone whether on Amazon or otherwise. For one thing, there is normally no manufacturer warranty and the extended warranties cannot be purchased on used or refurbished products.

Below the product brand name is a full list of features that the TV or product carries. Manufacturers specifications are eye candy in many cases, so be sure and read our professional reviews and give more credence to an experienced reviewer than these specs. Nevertheless, they can be handy for finding something specific you are looking for.

There are many reviews on Amazon by consumers – some good and some not so stellar. Sometimes we actually post captions from our reviews onto the Amazon TV review pages and they are well received and often take the top position. Once you have read our reviews and the reviews on Amazons site and decided to make the purchase there are a couple of ways to complete the purchase.

Amazon Kindle ReviewOne, Amazon many times stocks and sells the TVs themselves. In this case, on the product page you will see a section at the top of the page stating: "In Stock, Ships from and sold by Amazon." This means that Amazon is stocking this product and you can purchase directly from them. Many times the shipping is free on TVs through this option. Some products like the Amazon Kindle have very small shipping charges. The Amazon "add to cart" button is on the far right side of the page. We recommend not turning on the 1 click option as product does not add to a cart that you can verify. It simply ships out! That might be fine for a book, but not an expensive TV. Imagine the shipping cost to return the item and the hassle you would have to go through.

The second way to purchase is through the "More Buying Choices," on the right side of the product page. Amazon usually lists around 3 sellers of the product. The prices could be higher or lower from these vendors. They are obviously authorized by Amazon to sell the product on the site. Click the "Add to Cart," below any individual dealer to see their specifics on shipping charges and the like.

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