60+ Plasma TV (60", 65") 2014

Top Recommendations for 58" and Over Plasma TVs for 2013/2014

Below is a listing of 60 and 65 inch Plasma TVs that we feel comfortable in recommending for 2014. Many of these TVs have been reviewed either this year or the determination made from last years review of the previous model. These recommendations are based on price, quality, and value. In some cases there may be more than one recommended TV for each category. In our review testing lab we look for consistency in a brand and model series in many categories such as Picture Quality from both standard definition and HD resolution. We look for good features and aesthetic appearance with a solid working platform from the menu and remote control.

2014 60"+ Plasma TV Recommendations

Samsung PN60F8500     Editor's Choice: Quality

This is an older model, but Samsung has decided to continue producing this one through 2014. It is the best of the best in the plasma TV world this year. The Samsung PN60F8500 is an incredible new Plasma offering from Samsung and marks a significant departure from 2012 top line models of plasma that seemed like an afterthought to the enlarged LED TV lineup. Samsung deems the panel for this TV the Super Contrast Panel and this is the only plasma in Samsung's lineup to contain this panel.

LG 60PB6900

The picture quality on LGs plasma TVs has improved significantly in the past couple years and the 60PB6900 series picture emanates a beautiful plasma image. It is common knowledge that plasma TVs are dim compared to LED TVs. LG's plasmas are typically less brilliant than Samsung's. For that reason they may not look great in the store. The key is getting the TV into a darker room at home.

Samsung PN64H5000

The Samsung PN64H5000 plasma TV is a replacement for the F5300 series from 2013. It's about as basic as it gets for the display tech that getting a little harder to find these days. It features a full HD 1080p display with a few picture quality features to enhance the overall image. That's about it. No smart TV features or 3D playback are present on this model.

2013 60"+ Plasma TV Recommendations

Panasonic TC-PVT60     Editor's Choice: Quality

One of the greatest characteristics of the picture performance of the VT60 series TV once calibrated is the exceptional deep rich black levels produced by the Infinite Black Ultra Panel. The VT60 has one of the nicest presentations of 3D material on the market for 2013.

Panasonic TC-P65ST60     Editor's Choice: Value

The TC-P65ST60 is the largest entry in the ST60 series. It falls in right in the middle of the 2013/14 lineup, though the picture quality and feature set are far from middle of the road. The picture quality is very similar to the GT50 series from last year with smooth transitions and lots of depth to go along with rich coloration.

Samsung PN60F5500     Editor's Choice: Price

The PN60F5500 takes notes from the flagship F8500 models to provides deep blacks with good detail in dark scenes. The blacks don't measure up the the levels of the F8500, but are strong nonetheless. Plasma have always had the advantage when it comes to black levels over LCD/LED TVs.

Panasonic TC-P60ST60     Editor's Choice: Value

The TC-P60ST60 received the panel that the GT50 series used from 2012. It is one step away from Panasonic's best panel that uses 'ultra' filter. This one still provides positive impact on the overall picture quality in a big way. Black levels are the main beneficiary due to the panel, which increases the blacks by a hefty amount.

Samsung PN60F5300

The PN60F5300 is one of the top value plasmas for 2013/2014. It skips all extra features for picture quality, internet connectivity, and 3D functionality that the F5500 series and F8500 series plasmas employ. What you get is a large screen with the always good picture quality of a plasma TV at an affordable price point.

Pansonic TC-P60S60     Editor's Choice: Price

The TCP60S60 has a full 1080p display for showing HD content the way it is supposed to be seen. This is a great addition to the lineup considering that Panasonic's non-3D full HD plasma last year was on the bottom of the list. If you aren't on the 3D or LED bandwagon, this is the TV for you.

2012 60"+ Plasma TV Recommendations

Samsung PN60E550     Editor's Choice: Price

The E550 series replaces the D550 series which was a popular value model in 2011. The new E550 series contains Samsung's real black filter as well as 3D compatibility, all for a very attractive price of around $1500 to $1600. It lacks some of the more refined qualities and active 3D glasses will likely not be included.

Panasonic TC-P60GT50     Editor's Choice: Quality

The 60GT50 contains Panasonics best Infinite Black Pro panel and the blacks on this TV are truly Kuro-like. It also has the same appearance and design as the updated VT50 series. Pricing is more attractive on this 2nd tier model at around $2400. Once calibrated, the picture on this TV will really pop.

LG 60PM6700     Editor's Choice: Value

This LG model really impressed us with its picture quality. It is the 2nd tier model from LG for 2012 and it has nice upgrades, 3D viewing, and an updated new screen that cuts down on glare. At around $1500 it's a great deal for a 2nd tier model.

Panasonic TC-P65ST50    Editor's Choice: Value

The ever popular ST series from Panasonic continues with this massive 65" replacement of the ST30. It's not inexpensive at more than $2500 but it features a great picture although not Panasonic's best for 2012 (reserved for the Infinite Black Pro panel on the GT and VT series).

Samsung PN60E8000     Editor's Choice: Quality

If you are into early adopter status then you will enjoy playing with the new toys on the PN60E8000 such as Smart Interaction with hand gestures and facial recognition software. All this is available through an inbuilt front facing camera. Voice control is also available to some extent. When not playing with these features you will see one of the best cinema-like pictures on the market - all for less than $2500.

60+ Plasma TV (60", 65") 2011

Panasonic TC-P65GT30
60" Plasma TV

Following on the success of last year's VIERA 3D plasma models, Panasonic has introduced 3 lines of 3D plasmas for 2011. The GT30 falls in the middle of that lineup and is available in 4 different screen sizes ranging from 50 inches up to 65 inches.

The TC-P65GT30 uses the Infinite Black Pro panel that debuted in 2010, we noted it's impressive brightness and saturated colors in our reviews last year and for the most part found it to have excellent picture quality. See our Review of the TC-P65GT30

Samsung PN64D8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
63" Plasma TV

The new, one inch larger screen retains many of the pircture features from last year, it appears to be a case of not messing with a good thing. The Real Black Filter returns, providing rich, deep blacks that enhance all the other colors sharing the screen. The warmth and realism that the picture offers is nothing less than stunning.

For 3D the PN64D8000 uses active shutter glasses and is Full HD 3D, sending 1080 lines of vertical resolution to each eye. Some televisions sacrifice some resolution to show 3D images and Full 3D HD provides the best 3D experience.

LG 60PZ750     
60" Plasma TV

Last year LG introduced the LG 60PK750 with many of the features shown on this newer, improved 60PZ750. Included with the PK750 was the "TruBlack" filter which was and is designed to provide better black levels even in brightly lit rooms. This years 60PZ750 continues with this feature while providing THX Certification. We measure the post calibration contrast of the 50PK550 plasma from 2010 at an impressive 1835:1, so we know the black level in this model will be good.

Panasonic TC-P65ST30 Editor's Choice: Value
65" Plasma TV

This replacement for the G25 series from 2010 is the entry level 3D compatible plasma TV offering from Panasonic. It has the Inifinity Black 2 Panel, a Viera Image Viewer for photo and movie viewing through USB connection. It does not contain the Internet connectivity through Viera Connect (previously called Viera Cast). So for those who want the 3D ready ability without the need for Internet connectivity (for instance those in remote areas with no broadband connection) this will be a compelling 3D Plasma TV offering.)

Panasonic TC-P60S30 Editor's Choice: Price
64" Plasma TV

The replacement for the ever popular 1080p S2 series from last years batch of Panasonic plasma offerings is the S30 series. The main upgrade from last year is that this plasma uses the same new phosphor technologies used in the higher end 3D compatible models.

The new fast switching phospor technology is mainly to help with fast processing needs related to 3D viewing, but it should help slighly on normal 2D viewing as well.

Samsung PN64D550
58" Plasma TV

The D550 is a mid tier plasma from Samssung for 2011, it is the highest end non-3D model and has a 1080p plasma panel. Available in 3 sizes these TVs provide full HD resolution and plasma's superior picture at very affordable prices.