42" Plasma TV 2014

Top Recommended 42 Inch Plasma TVs for 2013/2014

Below is a listing of 42" Plasma TVs that we feel comfortable in recommending for 2014. Many of these TVs have been reviewed either this year or the determination made from last years review of the previous model. These recommendations are based on price, quality, and value. In some cases there may be more than one recommended TV for each category. In our review testing lab we look for consistency in a brand and model series in many categories such as Picture Quality from both standard definition and HD resolution. We look for good features and aesthetic appearance with a solid working platform from the menu and remote control.

2013 42" Plasma Models

Samsung PN43F4500 Editor's Choice: Price
720p 43" Plasma TV

Samsung rounds out it's 2013 plasma lineup with this budget 720p entry. The F4500 is a bare bones model that offers good quality 720p playback in a pretty standard package. The look is not as sleek as top tier models, but it is far from clunky. It can be found for around $400, and that is a fantastic deal for a plasma TV of this size.

Panasonic TC-P42S60 Editor's Choice: Value
1080p 42" Smart Plasma TV

The TC-P42S60 from Panasonic drops the 3D playback of the ST series, but keeps the Viera Connect internet features. This model is designed to get a lot of bang for your buck. Picture quality features like the Infinite Black Pro panel and 3D were dropped in order get the price down, but the quality of the Smart TV featues is great.

Panasonic TC-P42X60 Editor's Choice: Price
720p 42" Plasma TV

This is Panasonic's budget plasma for the year. There isn't much going on in this one when considering the featrues, but you do get the strong focus on picture quality that plasma TVs have. Another great plus is the perfect side viewing angles. Considering the price for this budget TV, you can't go wrong.

2012 42" Plasma Models

Panasonic TC-P42UT50 Editor's Choice: Quality
1080p 42" 3D Plasma Viera Connect Internet

While a bit more expensive than it's 720p counterparts at over $700 this is still a very competitive TV with lots of features. Even without the Infinite Black Pro panel the TC-P42UT50 does well with 3D content. There is plenty of depth to the image and color performance is good. The immersion level of 3D on the UT50 is excellent for a value oriented 3D plasma television.

LG 42PA4500 Editor's Choice: Price
42" Plasma TV

The PA4500 series plasmas are a line of budget priced, 720p HDTVs. They are short on bells & whistles to cut costs but if you are looking for solid picture quality at a low price, then the 42PA4500 is worth a look. At sub $500 pricing this should be a compelling choice for those not interested in 3D and Internet.

Samsung PN43E450 Editor's Choice: Value
1080p Plasma TV

A very competitively under $500 plasma TV with 720P resolution. A preponderance of the programming available on cable and satellite is still 720p so when watching this sort of programming you won't be missing out on any detail from down scaling. Actually, even when cable companies state they are displaying in HD, the signal is compressed to what would be the equivalent of 720p and thus very close to the resolution of the PN43E450.

Panasonic TC-P42XT50     
42" 720p Plasma 3D

With the XT50 line of plasma televisions Panasonic is bringing out an affordable line of 720p 3D plasma televisions. The TC-P42XT50 doesn't have many bells and whistles and is not full HD resolution but it puts 3D and plasma picture quality into a very low price bracket.

2011 42 Inch Plasma TVs


Panasonic TC-P42S30      Editor's Choice: Value
42" Plasma TV

The replacement for the ever popular 1080p S2 series from last years batch of Panasonic plasma offerings is the S30 series. The main upgrade from last year is that this plasma uses the same new phosphor technologies used in the higher end 3D compatible models.

The new fast switching phospor technology is mainly to help with fast processing needs related to 3D viewing, but it should help slighly on normal 2D viewing as well.

Samsung PN43D450 Editor's Choice: Price
43" Plasma TV

Samsung continues to offer quality, entry level plasma telvisions in 2011. Don't let the 720p resolution of the D450 turn you away, most broadcast and cable programming is in 720p so all you are missing is an upscaled picture in those cases. You'll also avoid sticker shock when you check out the PN51D450's price tag.

Panasonic TC-P42X3     
42" Plasma Television

The X3 line replaces 2010's X2 line of affordably priced 720p plasma televisions.

The X3 features a 720p panel with Panasonic's 600Hz sub field drive. This is a line of plasmas aimed at a low price point for budget conscious consumers.

LG 42PW350     
42" Plasma TV

LG isn't abandoning the 720p HD specification for 2010. The PJ350 offers many of LG's core features in a slim, 2" case with a sub 1" bezelLG's PW350 series are a 720p resolution, active 3D line of plasma televisions. With the 720p panel and a lack of some of the bells and whistles of the higher end models the PW350 brings 3D down to a very affordable price point. Much HD programming is still in 720p or 1080i so you aren't losing much with the 720p resolution.