Step 4: Plasma TV Audio Configuration Considerations

Today most plasma TVs come with speakers built in the cabinet. There are still a few commercial plasma TV models that are produced that do not come with speakers, but may be purchased seperately. One important consideration for any plasma TV purchase is the quality of the internal speakers including the wattage level of the output. Most plasma TVs come with around 10W X 10W dual built in speakers. 15W X 15W is preferable.

Many consumers today choose to have surround sound speaker systems installed in the main TV watching room of a house. The built in internal plasma TV speakers may be used seperately, or in conjunction with, the surround sound speaker system. There are also a host of new front room speaker systems that can be installed around the plasma or LCD TV.

10 Steps to Buying a Plasma TV

  • Step 1: Plasma Display Technology
  • Step 2: Plasma TV Screen Sizes
  • Step 3: Is a 1080P Plasma TV Worth the Extra Money?
  • Step 4: Plasma TV Audio Options
  • Step 5: Mounting Your Plasma TV
  • Step 6: Choosing a Plasma TV Brand and Model
  • Step 7: How and Where to Buy a Plasma
  • Step 8: Find an Online Plasma Dealer
  • Step 9: Plasma Television Installation
  • Step 10: Connecting Your Plasma TV

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