Step 3: Is a 1080p Resolution Plasma TV Worth the Extra Money?

One of the key determining factors in selecting your plasma screen should be its resolution. Plasma TV resolution refers to the number of actual pixel cells contained in the plasma display element (i.e. "glass"). HDTV (high definition TV) plasma TVs are always more expensive than EDTV (enhanced definition TV screens) due to the fact that it costs manufacturers much more to make the plasma display element.

However, the 720p plasma TVs on the market today are not of the same quality that they once were. From our recent reviews we have determined that plasma and flat screen TVs with a 720p (1080i) resolution are of too low quality to recommend due the fact that too many other cost cutting techniques have been incorporated by manufacturers in these lower resolution TVs. We recommend now that you purchase the 1080p resolution in plasma, LCD or any flat screen TV. Since prices have come down significantly and the 1080p resolution is now the general standard, there is no reason to seek lower prices with much lower quality in the 720p resolution.

The exception to this rule is in the smaller LCD TV sizes where 720p resolution is still fine.

10 Steps to Buying a Plasma TV

  • Step 1: Plasma Display Technology
  • Step 2: Plasma TV Screen Sizes
  • Step 3: Is a 1080P Plasma TV Worth the Extra Money?
  • Step 4: Plasma TV Audio Options
  • Step 5: Mounting Your Plasma TV
  • Step 6: Choosing a Plasma TV Brand and Model
  • Step 7: How and Where to Buy a Plasma
  • Step 8: Find an Online Plasma Dealer
  • Step 9: Plasma Television Installation
  • Step 10: Connecting Your Plasma TV

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